Hello Everyone,

TymmyMy name is Tymmy and as you can see I am a very handsome ginger boy with a little white chin.  I was born on the 28th May 1999.  My brother is Syddy and my sister Dympy, both of whom have already been featured in The Daily Mews in the MEWSERS’ MEWSINGS section. 

My brother, Syddy, is bold, but I am the exact opposite.  I am very, very timid.  The slightest noise has me rushing out of the door into the garden.  Mummy is always calling after me that it is far safer to stay indoors.  I know she gets very frightened that I will bolt across the road and in my panic, not look left and right as I should. We have "sleeping policemen" in the road outside, although it is a Close, so not very busy.  I find the noise of anything going over them very scary, especially lorries when they bump and bang over them.  The window cleaner’s ladders are also very scary.  If anyone comes to the house I run away and hide. 

However, mummy and her daughter, Carey, love me to pieces.  I am a very big cat with enormous paws, but with my family I am extremely soppy.  I love to be cuddled and brushed for hours.  I get all dreamy-eyed being brushed, and when I am having cuddles I get so carried away I start to dribble. 

I do like to go outside on warm sunny days and when our neighbour said that one of the cats was visiting them, and he was ginger, mummy just thought it was Syddy. Beth and Chris, the neighbours, said this cat visited every day and would sit outside their patio doors. They dare not let him in as they had a cat called Flor which is short for Florida. 

Mummy remained convinced their visitor was Syddy until Beth was visiting our house one day and remarked that Syddy who had come out to see how was talking, was not wearing a collar.  Mummy then knew it had to be me who was their secret visitor as Syddy will not wear a collar.  She has always been intrigued as to why I go there and that I am brave enough to do it. 

However, the reason is easy; mummy has always looked after Flo when Beth and Chris are away.  I always followed mummy and no matter how hard she tried to get out of our house without being detected I always shadowed her and went to see what she was doing.  I am not as smart as my brother, so mummy thinks that I go visiting because I think I will find mummy there when she is not at home. 

Although I am the biggest cat in the household I am the gentlest and I never scrap with the others.  In fact when I hear fighting I always run and hide behind the sofa.

All in all I am a happy cat so long as mummy keeps me safe from noises, which she tries to do.  She never leaves us when there are fireworks going off as we are all scared of them.  Mummy says I am one of the best behaved cats in the Whole Wide World as I never knowingly do anything bad.  If I think I might have done something naughty I get very upset and worried and stay this way until I have been cuddled and told everything is alright, then everything is once again fine with my World.

Love from Tymmy xxxx 

A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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