OreoHello Everyone

My name is Oreo.  I do not belong to the "Fallon" family.  I just came to stay for a short while whilst my mummy and daddy were having a few problems.

I arrived on a Wednesday evening in July.  I was very confused as I had been taken from my home and put into my carrier to arrive at a different house with cats already in residence.  My mummy looked at these cats and exclaimed that one of them was the image of me.  How could she be like me?  Granted she is black and white and we had similar markings, but she is chubby and I am sleek and have very long legs.  I am only 8 months old.  However, I came out of the carrier and decided that the rest of the cats were no match for me as I stood taller than them, so I could be boss cat o.k.  Once I was free I made myself at home and sussed out the place.  Not bad - plenty of places to sleep.  Most of the others kept out of my way. 

I discovered that Tilly who is the black and white cat who looks a bit like me was terrified of me!!  What fun I had chasing her here, there and everywhere.  I don't think she had ever run so fast in all her life.  I tried chasing Syddy but he said he was boss cat, so we had a bit of a scrap, but things were not resolved. 

The cat flap had been locked to stop me getting out and getting lost.  I do not have a cat flap at home, but use the window.  By the time Saturday came I was going a bit stir crazy, and I was arguing with all the cats as I was fed up.  In the end I was let out.  Being a good sort I had a look in the garden and came in again.  It was a nice day so I went out a few times and came back again. 

On the Sunday morning I discovered the cat flap had not been locked so I figured out how to use it.  I was having fun wandering around and decided not to return until I was ready.  My mummy got a phone call from the household saying that I was missing.  Mummy said I liked to be outdoors and would come home when I was hungry. 

The next day I was seen sunning myself in the garden over the road.  I was clever though and before anyone could get me I was off.  I went into a nice warm shed to have a sleep, and when I woke up I couldn't get out.  The shed had been locked up.  I was very scared that I could not get out of this place.  I bashed my nose against the door, but to no avail.  Luckily three days later the owner of the shed who had been away came to the shed and got a great shock when I ran out.  Feeling very scared I ran for my temporary home and hid in the garden under the rug keeping the sun off the guinea pigs.  My temporary owner came into the garden and saw me peeping out from under the rug.  She threw her washing to the ground and shouted my name and at the same time made a grab for me.  She said she only grabbed me in case I ran off again, but she frightened me and I struck out with my claws badly scratching her hands and arm. 

I was so glad to get inside again that I fell fast asleep.  My mummy was called and she came to collect me that evening as mummy and daddy were sorted and everything was alright again.  I was so very glad to go home and hope I never again have to go visiting.

Lots of Love

Oreo xxxxxx

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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