The human has been promising to treat herself to a top of the range goose feather filled duvet for some time.

The last time she bought a new duvet, she unpacked it, aired it outside for a couple of hours then put it on the bedroom floor whilst she got a clean duvet cover.

Always keen to investigate anything new in Tom Cat Towers, the ginger twit went to investigate. After a good sniff, he padded his paws on it for a bit, drooled a little. Then, just as the human came into the room with the duvet cover he turned round and sprayed magnificently on it to mark it as his territory.

Caught in the act he was screamed at. Not that it made any difference as he turned tail and wandered off.

So today, a big square see through plastic bag arrived at Tom Cat Towers, with the most incredible duck and goose feather filled duvet and comforter imaginable. Dumpty the furry grey slug, was rudely awoken and placed on my sheepskin rug in the lounge whilst the sheets were changed, and the new duvet arranged.

Dumpty, still keen to get her 23 hours and fifty nine minutes cat naps in, just rolled on her back and snuggled into my sheepskin rug for an hour.

Then she was picked up and placed back on the bed. She didn’t even open an eye, lazy stuck up thing.

I was then picked up and playfully thrown onto the bed. I sank up to my knees in the new duvet which was on top of the comforter. It was so fluffy it was like walking on a soft bouncy cloud. It was just amazing fun!

The ginger twerp then sidled into the room keen not to be left out.

Mindful of what happened with her last new duvet the human clapped her hands and chased him out of the bedroom. He knows he’s not allowed to be in the bedroom anyway as he upsets Dumpty and heaven forbid we should annoy the royal waste of space.

The empty bag was placed by the patio window and quite obviously had to be investigated. The human had placed a small pillow in there so I went in. It was clear on both sides and I could peer out. After I’d gone off in search of scraps Gut-truck went in hoping to find some kibbles. That cat lives in continual hope! He then decided that it would make a fabulous nest and he curled up and went to sleep in it.

Willi’s version

Anything new which comes into Tom Cat Towers has to be sniffed, inspected and approved by the dominant tom … me!!

(I now need to ensure that all new things are safe for my charge, Dippi. Health & Safety, Due Diligence and all that.)

Occasionally, I do mark new things as mine, however the human doesn’t seem to appreciate this and I end up scuttling down the garden to escape the shouting which ensues!

Today a fabulous new duvet arrived. No doubt purchased with the comfort of the grey floozy pants in mind. The plastic carrier in which it came was placed in the sunshine by the windows and the human put a small cushion inside so that Dippi could climb inside like a see-through cave. It looked great fun and I soon muscled my way in after Dippi had gone off to be fed. I had hoped she would come back inside and we would curl up together but she didn’t seem inclined to take up the option. In fact she never wants to curl up with me. Can’t for the life of me think why?




In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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