Day 2

I noticed that Maid picked up one of my favourite whiskers off my duvet. It had dropped out of my magnificent winter collection of whiskers during the night. I wonder if it can be stuck back in again?

When I gazed into the mirrored wall by my bed as I was lounging on my side having had a good bowlful of the new kibbles this morning, I noticed my coat is a little lacklustre. I really could do with a good grooming session. Last month I had to wear a plastic collar as I had a leg injury and I kept biting the wound! Darn collar has worn the fur off from my neck. I look a little lopsided!

I had a bit of a burst of energy, so I popped down from my nice clean duvet cover, padded across the hallway, pushed the bathroom door open then entered the Bliss Spa.

This room makes me purr.

There is a large white tub in the corner of the room where my humans quite bizarrely immerse their pink furless bodies for a good half an hour in hot water and flowery fragrances. Quite ridiculous! But there is something rather pleasurable about rubbing my fur around their warm wet legs when they get out of the water and wrap themselves in warm towels.

I like to throw myself on my back and allow Maid or Manservant to comb my tummy as I lie on the floor in Bliss Spa. Sometimes I will reward their attention with purrs. I then put one arm up, then the next so that they can comb my armpits. Next my fluffy furry pantaloons and feet are combed and kissed as I lie there in heaven being groomed. My tail is back combed to perfection then a good stretch up the tiled wall as my back is brushed and my whiskers ruffled, then I’m ready for a well earned snoozle on my bed.

Today Maid was in the Bliss Spa and in addition to my luxurious spa pampering which included an inspection of my ears, she fed me ten of the fabulous new kibbles which she had in her pocket. When Manservant took his bath he then took his turn combing my tummy. My purr went into overdrive in expectation of kibbles. None was forthcoming so I stood up, hooked my paw round the door, hoisted it open then walked off in a huff in disgust, my tail flicking at the end to show my displeasure. Manservant is not trained to give me the same high levels of personal attention as Maid.

Maid then fed me with a bowl full of kibbles before we went to bed. They really are very more-ish! I allowed her to give me a cuddle as her reward for being so attentive today.

Maid’s version!

Dumpty quite likes being in the bathroom whenever one of us has a bath.

The rattle of the plug chain normally attracts her. She pushes the door open and comes in, tail fluffed up, to supervise. Sometimes I will put food down for her whilst I have a soak as she likes to dine alone, away from our other two cats. Then we have a good groom as she’s generally purring by then.

When she first arrived here she was full of fur clumps and had a few cuts where clumps had been cut off and her skin had been caught. I really thought that grooming was going to be a battle. However I was delighted to find that she adores being groomed. She parades round the bathroom begging to be brushed. She will roll over putting her arms up to assist with the brushing. Her tail and trousers look wonderful when back combed.

Today I took some kibbles in with me and she was quite eager to have them hand fed to her. It’s ‘quality time’ for the two of us, I like it that I’m making her happy by giving her the attention she wants and even happier today that she enjoyed the new kibble treats.

A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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