Day 5

Willi Whizkas made it into the bedroom and onto my duvet. If Maid catches him he’ll be for it. He’s not allowed on the bed as he goes outside then comes in with a collection of twigs, wet leaves and slugs secreted in his pelt which magically fall out of his fur and onto the bed. Later Dippi-Duck wobbled into the room and lobbed herself onto the bed to have a snooze on the pillow.

I do not appreciate company and so let out a low, menacing growl, which was just ignored.

Dippi-Duck a small Persian, Little Dumpty Roo our Himalayan Lynx and Willi Whizkas a mischievous Maine Coon

Wills slithered up the bed and snuggled up to me. Then, very slyly, as he was purring to me in the hope I would be distracted, Willi Whizkas stretched out a paw and hooked one of my kibbles. Into his mouth it went, followed by another, then a third. This really was taking advantage!

A loud distressed mewl from me sent Maid running into the room and with a flick of the tea towel, Wills was scufted off. He ran off at great speed.

Dippi-Duck doesn’t eat kibbles and has a clean pelt, so she was left to sleep on the pillow. I wasn’t too happy about this, as she is very common; she is a mere Persian, whilst I am a highly exulted Royal, Imperial Himalayan Lynx!

Maid’s version

Willi made it into the bedroom. He can smell cat food from a mile off that’s why we call him ‘Gut-Truck’! He has a habit of collecting flora and fauna from his external expeditions, then dropping the detritus in the house. He was stretched on the bed slyly picking Dumpty’s kibbles from the bowl with his claw and popping them into his mouth, so he was evicted from the room.

Dumpty and Wills do get on and occasionally cuddle up on the bed. But Dumpty does not like Dippi-Duck at all, and will growl at her when she jumps onto the bed, but basically it’s just handbags at dawn with the two of them. Dumpty is always first to growl, but is a big coward. Poor Dippi is so shaky she falls over when she growls, so there’ll never be a full blown fight. Once they’ve had a little hiss and growl at each other they tend to get quite close then go to sleep.

I’ve tried Dippi-Duck on the new kibbles, without success. Not so surprising as it’s taken almost 5 months to get her to eat proper cat food. Weaning her off packets of ham and beef was a struggle and it was a major miracle when she finally tried some of the wet food from a sachet put out for Willi. She is going to be a long term project to rehabilitate, but she is very loving.

She had been on the point of death when she was rescued. Her mouth was sealed over with blood and saliva; it’s possible she had been in an accident. She was damaged at birth and constantly shakes her head up and down, especially when trying to concentrate. She cannot walk straight, her paws go anywhere but where she intends them to be, and she constantly falls over. The vet says if her brain damage, due to being pure-bred, doesn’t bother her, then it should bother us. Dippi-Duck thinks she is a large as a lion and twice as fierce! She really has big-cat attitude!


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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