Day 7

Today, I have had to discipline Maid. She got up late and didn’t go to the place called work where she vanishes most days with Manservant leaving me to enjoy the peace of the day on my bed.

Instead of immediately offering me my personal buffet bar with a heap of those gorgeous new kibbles, she went into the kitchen and made coffee for Manservant and herself before getting back into bed. I purred and sashayed up the bed, flicking my tail tip in mild annoyance at the poor service I was experiencing, but still the kibbles were not forthcoming as she pulled my nice warm duvet over her head and dozed for another hour.

Something had to be done to register my extreme annoyance at being ignored, so I gracefully leapt from the bed, and with my head proudly erect, tail hoisted straight into the air and fluffed up, to let her know how disgusted I was by her disgraceful behaviour, I went into Manservant’s room and took up residence on the hard floor behind his headboard. I stayed there all day to make my feelings known.

Apparently I wasn’t missed.

I then let myself down by thundering into the bedroom and hurling myself onto the bed in a most unladylike manner when the kibbles were shaken into my crystal bowl much later in the day. I ate like a starving alley cat!

Maid’s version

Dumpty disappeared first thing this morning, and I didn’t see her for the rest of the day. I always know where she is. She is behind the bed in the other bedroom. It’s her haven where she feels safe or somewhere she can go and sulk when she’s being a Dowager-Diva! She can spend all day there and won’t come out even when called. If I go and look at her she will close her eyes, as if this makes her invisible! She ignores all attempts to try and seduce her to come out, so I leave her to it.

Madam will put in an appearance when she is ready and not before.

She was rather eager to eat her cat-kibbles when she did decide to grace us with her presence!

A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.