Day 9

This morning I fancied some exercise. After stuffing my face with kibbles from my crystal bowl, then a good lick-wash round my furry bits I presented myself to the world as I jumped off the bed and ambled into the front room where I took up residence by the French windows.

Dumpty_and_the_blackbirds This was a signal for Maid to open the glass window panel, place a selection of cheap pet food kibbles and raisins in a pot just the other side of the glass on an old brick then she closed the glass window panel almost to, leaving it open just a crack of about 2”. Within a minute one of my pet blackbirds was down feasting at the food fountain just inches from my face. I really love watching my pet blackbirds and would never hurt them. I like to fill my lungs with the smell of them.

So I was very annoyed when, from around the corner of the kitchen patio Dippi-Duck appeared and lunged at my birds. Because she cannot walk properly she stands no chance ever of catching one as she wobbles, shakes and falls over. The birds aren’t too bothered by her as they know she’s physically disadvantaged. But she doesn’t know she has these physical problems and will tackle anything, silly girl! Why bother trying to catch your own food when humans give much superior ready-made nosh to you that you don’t have to separate fur or feather from?

The birds also know Willi Whizkas is no threat, he’s so old and useless, they almost land on him; how can that cat have respect for himself?

So, Dippi-Duck had frightened my blackbirds off. Nothing left in the day to do except, snooze, cat-nap have 40 winks, catch a few zzz’s and a cat-kip before a plate of kibbles then the serious business of a good nights sleep in bed with Maid.

Maid’s version

When Dumpty started to get more confident here at Tom Cat Towers she started sitting by the French window watching the blackbirds. I began to feed them near the window to get them nearer for her, and then put their food on a brick near the open window so she could get really close to them. She really loves this as it’s an integral part of the day to patrol her blackbirds.

On warm days I’ll open the window a little bit so that she can smell them. She’s never been tempted to try and put her paw out of the window to touch or catch them. She’s just fascinated by the entertainment for our airhead!

She likes to chunter, chuffle and mew at them. The birds are not at all bothered to be breakfasting just inches away from claws and fangs! When she’s had enough, she bimbles back to the bed and has a good snooze.


The Very Best Toy for Cats

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