Day 10

You simply cannot get the staff. Maid went off for the day and Manservant was left in charge of feeding us.

Service was not up to the usual standard. A tin of something was scraped out onto a plate on the floor for gingie-crew who both dived in as if they were starving. Food was all over their whiskers and spilled onto the floor which they greedily lapped up. How undignified!

I sat with a look of utter contempt on my whiskers waiting for my proper food to be served. Soon my kibbles had been poured into a white Wedgwood dish and I was scooped up in order for me to eat in peace and quiet away from the dreadful slurping noises from the other two on the floor.

I daintily ate my dinner on the draining board. Too many kibbles had been poured out for me to finish and I was shocked that Manservant emptied some of my bowl of kibbles onto the remnants of gingie-crews’ food and then, when they were full, put it in the bowl marked ‘dog’ then put it outside for Mikey-mike, who was round in a flash to snaffle the scraps!

I was horrified; I cannot wait for Maid to come home. This feeding fiasco would never happen when she is in charge of catering.Dumpty_in_the_bag

I jumped down from the draining board, past the gingie-crew who were both licking splatters of gravy off their faces and whiskers and even off the floor. How Common! I went to have a snoozle in a paper bag I found on the carpet.

 Maid came back very late and I had a midnight feast at 2am on my duvet whilst she told me all about her day in a place called London. I went to sleep quite contented with a full tummy although it does smell like Maid has been drinking – again!

Maid’s version

I was away today in London at a champagne reception. I got home after midnight to pitiful mewls from Dumpty, begging for her kibbles as if she had been starved! I put some in the bowl on the bed then climbed in. When she had finished, she came and cuddled up for a tickle and purr. She seemed to have missed me and seemed pleased to see me home again.


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.