Day 11

Today Maid lifted the blinds and threw open the window. The cool breeze ruffled my whiskers and it wafted through the window.

SydneySydney was sitting in the garden under my window again, staring in. I ignored him. It was only later when Cuticles wandered by that the word on the street filtered through the open window. They were discussing me.

Apparently I am Top Class Tom Cat Totty!

However, they will never get to meet me as I only go out on a halter and lead with a human escort as a bodyguard. I really am not your everyday average moggy. Outdoor really has no appeal, all that cold grass under my paws. And dirt, well, I just even don’t want to think about walking on dirt. Yuk! Mingling with common cats has absolutely no appeal for me. I just about tolerate the gingie-crew being allowed residence in the same house.

Today I had my grooming session in the picture window of the Bliss Spa Executive Suite. Here I can pat a dangling Culpeper catnip mouse as Maid gives me a good brush. The blackbirds were hopping about and overhead were seagulls which were fascinating. I enjoyed it so much I purred my ears off. Then I had some kibbles on the sink unit.

Top Class Tom Cat Totty? That one made me smile as I gorged on my kibbles. Still, at least the common cats acknowledge my regal sexiness!

Maid’s version

I opened the bedroom window to see Sydney the cat from over the road in our garden. He’s a gorgeous old tom cat with a very worried face that comes and partakes of the scraps I put out for the cats that trot through the garden. He likes to look in the bedroom at Dumpty. He was in the garden with Cuticles, a young ginger cat with white socks.

Mikey-Mike came for his usual feed of scraps twice a day.

I gave Madam a good groom on the kitchen work surface where she could sit and watch the birds whilst I brushed her. She had a really good purr and seemed the enjoy it, she didn’t want to jump down and wanted more brushing, so we had a good half hour session, then I fed her with kibbles.

Dumpty gazing out the window

Picture window of the Bliss Spa Executive Suite at Tom Cat Towers!


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.