Day 15

Gingie-crew was up and about early today. Willi Whizkas was down by the shed supervising the mice. Dippi-Duck was scouring the hedges for cobwebs. She just adores eating cobwebs and insects – how common! Maid says the garage is totally cobweb free up to knee height which is as far as Dippi-Duck can reach. They think that she had to survive on insects before she was rescued.


Wills_Dippi_DuckThe gingie-crew

Dippi-Duck and Willi Whizkas. They have become quite a mouse-hunting team albeit very unsuccessful!

I have never lowered myself to eat insects, and I cannot believe that Dippi-Duck, now that she has the 24 hour feline-feeding station on the kitchen floor, would rather each such rubbish than wonderful kibbles.

Maid says it’s because we are still rehabilitating Dippi-Duck. She only arrived here in August having been shaved of her fur. Then she had to have 6 teeth removed before being weaned off human food onto cat food.

However the human’s meal times are a ‘must-attend’ social event for the gingie-crew as they both sit by Manservant shamelessly begging scraps from his plates. They even, and this is the height of bad manners, get onto the dining table and try to paw food off Manservant’s plate.

I have never resorted to such undignified behaviour, and when offered scraps of the human’s food have gracefully declined as if being offered poison. However, no cat should have to beg food from a human. Humans are staff, they are here to serve us. They should not have to be reminded to feed us.

I do not eat what my staff eat. They have their own inferior food to eat.

I’d rather save room for the gorgeous kibbles which only have my name on.

Maid’s version

Dumpty has never had any enthusiasm for any food other than cat meat.

Occasionally she may eat some of the sliced chicken we buy for Dippi-Duck, but we suspect that this is perhaps to annoy Dippi-Duck!

I cannot get Dippi-Duck to eat kibbles. We are still rehabilitating her and wet food is her limit and it was a real struggle to get her onto that. However she can hear a plate of our food hit the table from a comatose slumber down at the bottom of the garden and come waddling to beg. She will eat anything, curry, sweet and sour, she will try and gobble down anything. This is not good for her, so she is now being weaned off this. When I first had her she would not touch cat food in any form; she had been very malnourished when rescued, almost on the point of starvation. Clearly she had been fending for herself. It took weeks before she finally ate a small mouthful of Gourmet cat meat. Ecstatic at the progress, I cleared the supermarket shelf of this variety, only to have her not bother the next day. Good old dependable Gut-Truck aka Willi Whiskas ate the lot. She is currently on sachets of Felix and Purina One and she is looking a lot better than the day she first arrived here at Tom Cat Towers!

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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