Hi everyone, Stormy here. May for us who live in the northern plains of the USA have been enjoying mother-nature’s pay-backs.  

We had snow (8 inches) (203mm), 30 degrees and 2 days later 90 degrees and sunny. We have had lots of rain and cold and lots of hot and sun. No spring here, just winter-summer.

We get tornadoes in the spring and summer. Violent storms that produce hail stones bigger than your fist.

The robins have been busy eating the earthworms that come up when it rains and feeding their babies. Tweetie and I like to watch them in the patio. The little sparrows love to jump around the patio and drive Tweetie nuts.  Tristan just watches, kind of ho-hum. But passenger jets at night or the Canadian geese flying over and he is all nervous action.

Ham has been ill. Got more cut and patch coming up and has not been real social or playful. But he still takes time to work with Tweetie.  4 years ago she would only let one person touch her, KEYs. Now she demands Ham scratch her and pet her and play-play-play. She will even take my sleeping spot on Ham’s tummy or legs. But if he tries to pick her up, BOOM==all claws and teeth. Major hissy fit. But if she jumps in his lap, everything is cool.

I am trying to get him to get a laptop, because he could type in bed then. He says we’ll see. Yeah right.

Ollie told me that hardly any one responded to the poll asking whether or not your cats were south paw (using their left paw) or not. That’s a shame. I really thought that would have been an interesting question to put to the Daily Mews subscribers. Guess Ollie and I will have to put our whiskers together to see what other fun ideas we can come up with to get your guys to take part in.  

See you next time.

BAST’S best





One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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