I was not a him but a dainty her and maybe...

Hi there, I'm Stormy  

Stormy Daydreaming at Breakfast


I would probably have preferred Alice (you know of down the rabbit hole - Cheshire Cat fame). But they were considering Sue (short for sewage –horrible - just horrible), But the really kind ASPCA lady Pat, thought I was a boy but could be a girl. I tried to tell them, but you know how poorly humans listen anyway. So, after Dr. Grant peeked, poked, prodded, stuck me full of pins, swabbed me here and there, declared I was not a him but a dainty her and maybe 6 or 7 weeks old, Stormy it was. Out of the storm sewer into a grand life. Hey, I made the newspaper twice. More then most can say!

I am like that Alice quote, "I wonder if I have changed in the night? Let me think: Was I the same this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different."

You know, feet too big, legs too long. A week ago I looked like a tortie-stripe and today I look like a tabby. Thanks to "GOD BASTET" I still have my pretty eyes with their beautifying cross. A girl has to keep up her appearances you know.

In one month I have learned so much: human food is great, especially if you’re not to have it; butter, peanut butter, cream cheese. WOW and YUM.

The old man of the house Tigger (18 years with the stiffening) has a great plume at the end of his tail - and really likes to play the game of tails and will let me sleep with him.

Tweetie, my 2 year old female adoptive sister is truly a tortie "b---h" but she plays nice with me, tends to check my neither regions for a quick clean and as for the rest of the world - They better beware.

Tristan, my adoptive brother-parent, plays and guides me through the human maze. He accepted me when I first got in the truck to come to my new home. I got the once over and a good clean. Strangely, he loves dill weed not catnip, oh well.

I slept all the way home on my human's lap; Kirsten just snuggles and protects me. I now sleep with her and on her. She keeps treats (healthy) in the drawer by the bed. We felines know to nudge her in her sleep for the free treats. Keys (her nick-name) smells like cherry-vanilla and Key’s partner, Ham, says I smell just like her.

I nap with Tigger and Ham sometimes, cuz Tigger lets me.

It took me two weeks to climb; the couch, the bedding and the stairs. The Doc said I was really malnourished and put me on the EXPENSIVE CAT FOOD. Purrrty good tasting and I sometimes put my feet in the bowl with the food, when eating. "Well, it is mine."

SAY, I found my tail this morning; dang thing does what it wants.

Well I'm off to climb the curtains,


You can read Stormy's harrowing tale of how she was discovered in a storm drain and her dramatic rescue here

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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