I love black forest ham and I will purrrr and rub for that...

Hi everyone, STORMY here

Stormy: Eating his way through winter

I keep meaning to tell you what’s been happening to me. But busy is busy.

I ate my way through Thanksgiving (USA) and did not slow up till after the New Year. I have a palette for any edible item I can get to. Let’s see what have I cruised through: p’nut butter, eggs - [boiled, fried, scrambled, egg salad, deviled eggs (oh BAST they’re yummy)] I like a little hot pepper and black pepper please., Oh, and butter on the toast, chocolate-white milk and dark, fish — fresh, raw or cooked, smoked, canned (not jack mackerel) . Potato chips, taco chips, really love candy canes, rice crispy bars, cookie crumbs, gravy, pumpkin, ice-cream, Spider plants, catnip plants (fresh, you know), cream cheese, I really don’t like stilton, pizza (sausage — no pepperoni), I like to lick the salt off of pretzels left on the table, love black forest ham and I will purrrr and rub for that - (hate turkey ham or regular ham), Shrimp (no shell please), I play with M&Ms, hate wet cat food, dry cat food is OK and treats are better than ho-hum. Oh, I like to lick snow too. Also, marshmallows are fun to both eat and play with. Crab and lobster are divine.

Well you get the gist of it. So, after a trip to Dr. Grant’s where I weighed in over 12 lbs, they have put the butter away and now watch my figure, (they even call me “Butterball”- for shame). Dr Grant said kittens that grow up like I did, usually like any vittles.

I am the family fun maker!! Play, play and more play. Get everyone digging in the plants, lets sweep off the kitchen shelves, play hockey with jar lids and see what items of Ham’s I can flip into the bathroom trash or the kitty litter box (I like to dig to China). KEYs gave me 36 sparkle balls, which I drop in water and scatter all over the house. But I find each and everyone and place them by her bed by morning. Feet in BLACK sock are fair game to attack. Ham is fair game when his alarm goes off at 4:30am.

Tristan, Tweety and I sleep and play really well together. Tigger is mine to clean. The old man has a hard time reaching the nether regions, so I spruce him up and we play a bit — mostly swat-swat or tail tussle. You do understand - I am this cruise ship’s fun time coordinator.

Well I have got to go, HAM is making something for Valentine’s day that smells like STORMY is written all over it, tummy first, you all second.

“HooHooHoo and I’ve got a lot of bouncing to do.”



A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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