We have trained Ham to get out of bed at 4am, stumble down stairs and feed us...


Last time I was chatting with you, I got distracted by the over-riding desire to help Ham carve a Black-forest ham. But of course I taught him to drop pieces for me on the corner of the mat. Ham drops ham quite nicely for me.

Valentine’s Day was a grand day for me, Tristan, Tweety, and the old man Tigger. We were served our due: ham, tuna, sliced turkey, and a time or two of catnip. The real trick was fortifying the need, alternately between Keys and Ham.

Tigger went to the Vet’s and came back having to get infused with water every other day, I guess the kidneys aren’t what they used to be, but he is 96 in human years and I still clean the old boy up whenever he is less then presentable.

Kill the roll towel!Tweety and I have invented a new game. Kill the roll towel!!! Well, I did really. I jumped it a time or two and “killed” it. Tweety saw that my invention was worthwhile and Tweety now “copy-cats” (ha ha ha ha)

We both like to play the game on the old ottoman that we sharpen our claws on. It was once part of a beautiful set, but Yummy (deceased) and Tigger claimed it and we all know that is the only place in the house that we can attack with glee. I’ll send you a picture of me and my game on it.

Tristan’s game is ‘hide & seek’  under the cat carpet. (Oval whitish rug with a scratching pad always placed there for us) He crawls under and growls and I jump on the rug that he is under. Tweety joins in and gets under sometimes too.

Hide and seekSay, did I mention we have trained Ham to get out of bed at 4am, stumble down stairs and feed us goodies and treats? Yep, Tristan and I run over him a time or two and Tigger yowls from the doorway and like magic Ham does our bidding, then swearing (like his misspent youth)  is up for the day. Louise A. Belcher, the author said, “Any household with at least one feline member, has no need for an alarm clock… “

I and Tristan like to bunny watch. Keys puts vegetables and alfalfa out in the patio during the winter, when the rabbits start eating the bushes. Great sport to watch those frozen meals run around.  Tristan bangs his head into the glass; I pretend he did not make a fool of himself.

Well off to nap time, Sun is shining just perfectly on Ham’s desk and he has to pay homage before I drift off.


Ta Ta




Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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