He can jump to the top shelves in the office from the window, close to 5½ feet...

Hello, hello,

 StormyWell another fall is here, (my second) and the spiders and box-elder bugs (taste bad) are making life fun. Stepbrother Tristan is still the family fly “catcher-on-the-wing” and Tweetie and I hunt those spiders. Tweetie eats ants, as they walk across the floor. I just hunt-smash spiders.

I had written a whole catch-up earlier but Tristan crashed Ham’s computer. I guess sleeping on an active keyboard can spin the old machine up pretty good. Those words are not proper outside of a sailor’s bar. I know what I wrote is in there somewhere but darn if I can find it.

Well since I can’t remember what I was passing onto you, of course, it was all about ME anyway, so, I’ll talk about this summer and early fall.

I have grown fond of my Matriarchal position. But to be fair to Tweetie, she is not fond of the shift of power and has made a few tries at rebellion. Tristan just does what he wants most times, cuz he can run faster than either I or Tweets and he can jump to the top shelves in the office from the window, close to 5 ½  feet . It’s his hidey-home. Mine and Tweetie’s is Ham’s closet shelving. We can jump the thirty (30) inches from some storage box to the first of three shelves. Tweetie swept off all the stuff Ham thought should be up there.  GET-WITH-IT Ham, We puurrrsons know what belongs to us and what we share. Ham and Keys can have the open toilet; the Tuna can shelf, can opener drawer and the wet dish-washer. The rest is mine, OURS, or we will share with Keys and Ham.

Dr. Grant said my legs wouldn’t grow anymore when I saw him this spring, but they did. Only an inch but I don’t look like one of those California low-rider cars, with my tummy hair touching the carpet.  I can jump higher now, but still insist that Keys or Ham pick me up to grace their bed or the office daybed. I have to maintain the decorum of my Matriarchal Crown. My fur has gotten puurrfectly silky soft and I grace Ham and Keys’ fingers with long sessions rubbing my cheeks and tummy.  Keys scratches my whiskers with her finger nails. I do have that as a weakness and that is it. Well, Ham rubs the inside of feet. OH-YEH

Stormy and Tristan caring for HamTristan and I have the knack of knowing when Keys or Ham are not well. Tristan seems to know when Keys has a “spot” starting and will push and pay attention to that body spot and Keys now pays close attention to his Doctoring. We both start snuggling with the soon to be sickies. Ham has had transfusions and all kinds of stuff stuck in his blood this summer and fall.  I now lay next to him stretching out all the way as close as I can get. It keeps him warm and he get to ”touch-MY-TUMMY”. I chirp-purr and Ham will face snuggle then. It is a happy moment between us.  I sometimes wonder who got the best out-of-the-sewer me or Him.  I am sitting next to him now. He is down again and I am staying pretty close.  My tails needs to play the “GAME-OFTAILS” with Ham’s face and arm to keep him happy.  I don’t like his smell when they stick that stuff in his blood, but after a lick or two and a good snuggle, he smells more like US. Next week I have three days of licking face rubbing and purring after the MAYO clinic. Yuk- but it is my job.

BAST’S best to one and all, be talking with you soonest.



In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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