I danced, purred... and talked but Ham didn’t get the message...

Hi Purrsons,

StormyThe one and only STORMY here, were you good for Valentine’s Day?  I was.

Now KEYs got the usual ‘I love you’ treats, you know; heart shaped this and that, crazy plastic jumping hearts, and her “by request” a seafood dinner. Now KEYs cooking is the best a microwave can provide; Ham’s is always from scratch.

I love to sit on the cat zone of the kitchen counter and participate. I often step over and get personally involved in what Ham is doing, if it seems in my interest. I love to watch him chop and peel. Check the sink and bin for what has been discarded. (No onions - please) He shelled and deveined about 40 shrimp, they’re - so-so-take or leave-em; the 15 small langoustines - I buried the one he gave me -who would eat such as that—pew-pew-pew.

I climbed over to where I do not belong, to check out the 2 small fresh water lobster tails he was splitting, (You really eat that?) got put on the floor ++ FOR SHAME ++ jumped back up where I BELONG, and he had brought out sea scallops. Now I love cat-nip, white chocolate, dark chocolate, well, I really love quite a few good things to eat but ‘oh my God’, scallops, a new brand new WOW, oh wow! I love big ones, small ones. I cannot tell you, the new smell exploded in my nose.

I danced, purred, head butted, talked and talked but Ham didn’t get the message. So I reached out with right paw and middle claw and snatched one away - I licked it round and round and where it stopped - I tried to chew it down. Just too, way too hard for me to chew. Tried and tried but no go. So Ham thin sliced it, like you would for ceviche, put the slices (3 scallops) in a bowl just for me only, because Tweetie said ‘pew-pew-pew’, and Tristan said ‘Yuk’ and buried it.

Now this is the funny part; good treats that I can pick up with my middle right paw’s claw, I pluck the treat from where ever it is and daintily  eat it, very dainty, proper, lady-like manners. Ham got all excited over this. He had never watched me eat the special treats this way before. KEYs had but not Ham. Well I ate about 12 slices and because Ham was fascinated by my “Kathryn Jones” table manners (DINING AT THE PALACE), he sliced up (1) more. So you know, I sit very tall, then just stick my one claw into the scallop slice and bring it to my mouth, like any good mannered purrson would.  I now even know what the scallop bag looks and sounds like and I will sit by the refrigerator to proclaim my desire – NO, that’s not TRUE - to demand my DUE.  Ham will give in, when he gives treats to Tristan and Tweetie at dinner, but only then, not at supper. I do not think that this is right. But that is ‘life’! 

I had mentioned that Tweetie has gone around the bend, didn’t I? Tweetie won’t leave Ham alone. Purrs even when near him, rubs, head bumps, brings Ham her toys (she plays fetch - he throws - she brings it back to him), licks and kisses, snuggles sleeps with him. Just think, 8 weeks ago she bit him, clawed the living %$#@” out his arm, hand, leg and stomach and would give him the “evil eye.” Just because he picked her up and put her on his lap. Didn’t even hold her there, just put her in his lap.

Tweetie used to bite him each time he petted her, or she would really hiss and growl if he was too close. Tweetie has been this way since her 1st day coming home. BUT that’s all gone, poofffffff - history, gone-gone-gone.  He can’t yet pick her up and put her in his lap, but he can pick her up while standing and snuggle for a time. She will join him later on his chair in front of the TV or at his computer and sleep in his lap. She will even let him put her on the cat-cushion by the computer and let him pet her as he types.

Tristan seems to have had a hard time with this new Tweetie-Ham relationship and has needed extra attention from Ham.  Tristan was being aggressive with Tweets. But Ham understood territorial boundaries and all is well now.  Tristan had to be specially coddled and bed-snuggled under Ham’s arm and now all is well. Tweetie and I still take turns sleeping between KEYs’ or Ham’s knees (he scratches our heads in his sleep as we lounge there.) but for now, we let Tristan snuggle up top and there is peace in the Catdom.

KEYs is putting up the St. Patty stuff. She is Scandinavian/American - go figure. Easter M&Ms stuff is coming down stairs too. Lots of fun stuff to play with. (Not me – never, ever I; Tweetie - that’s right Tweetie did it. )

I hope you follow the DAILYMEWS on Facebook, Some really good stuff there. That link to how Cats love had Ham saying “I’ll be damned”. The “slow blink” was a really good pointer and if you read it, it might make you say “I’ll be damned” too. So join The Daily Mews on Facebook, please, will you. And read how cats love.

Got to go now, Ham is cooking again and I want to see what’s in it for ME.

I do have to keep up the pressure on by sitting in front of the refrigerator. I have to let it be known; My Due is past due.

So I’m not ignored; I do the figure *8* between the feet, walk, grab an ankle or two, flop down and show my tummy and face rub Ham’s ankles. I am not above getting on the counter, face to face, and expressing my Due. He is good at misdirecting me with lesser treats. BUT, when opportunity strikes, I pounce. Say, don’t let me forget, I’ve got to tell you about coconut oil next time.

BAST’s Best


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