You know, I like to dictate my muses from my throne in front of the window  


Hi all Stormy here,

Well they’re trying to get ready for an “American St. Patrick’s day”. Green this or that, bangers and mash (onion gravy), some corned beef and cabbage; also: green mint pie, and green shakes. No green beer this year here (it don’t mix with the meds). Now the bangers, well you have to understand, the “we things”, do touch upon my sensibilities when the cooking hits my nose. I like to help. KEYS says that I’m in the way, but HAM just makes do and gets me a bit to settle my nerves. I eat it with my paw (needs a little of the pan broth).  Mint ice cream and green-mint pie are a so-so.

Here in the USA St. Patrick’s Day has little to do with God and the patron Saint. More to do with beer (green) and parties (everyone is Irish on the 17th - even English bulldogs). HAM’s ancestors fled Ireland in 1740s because they had a mix up with the Brits in Ireland, went to Scotland and shipped to America. They hid from the British until the revolution. It is not always a wise decision to threaten to shoot soldiers on site, just because they’re wearing red, do you think? Funny how enemies become friends and sometimes the enemy of my enemy becomes my dearest friend. So a ton of time later, we are good buddies with the Brits and keep the Nay-Sayers out of our parties and booze. Of course with food and a glass or 2, we are all green and friendly, right? I’ll lap a little Guinness, now, not much but a ‘wee-bit’.

Spring (equinox) and Easter are coming up this month too. It is a time for giving and forgiving, making those that need, need a little less. Depending on your belief or leanings, (some or none) I hope you help out, by spreading a little joy around to those in your world that could use some help, and don’t forget to help the Daily Mews. Ham and KEYS did.

They also got involved with stopping the wolf hunts. What a shame, that any animal that is in competition with meat hunters has to be killed. Let’s Share the Wealth. Wolves and other predators go for the easy kill and clean out the sick and dying.  Where we live coyotes go after cats and small dogs. That is why I am not allowed outside and there is a leash law even for cats. And since we kitties are not eating mice (we love meeses to pieces) and other ratties, we need the wild hunters, not poison and guns.

You know, I like to dictate my muses from my throne in front of the window (a little fresh air please!) I sent a photo, not my best! HAM didn’t give me the time or grace to spruce up (notice my green pun - spruce, evergreen – green - St. Pat’s - Oh “for-get-it”).

So get out there and give, get, love, laugh, and celebrate. It is the time of rebirth for the upper half of the world. It is March and a lot of religions find great meaning and value at this time. It is Spring or Fall (DOWN UNDER) and the time of the Equinox. But to the world’s different beliefs and religions it is a very important month.

There is: Christian’s Easter and Lent and a lot of Christian holy days;  Baha’i’s Naw Ruz;  Judaism’s Pesach; Buddhism’s Magha Punja;  Sikh’s Hola Maholla;   Zoroastrian’s Kordad Sal; Scientology’s L.R. Hubbard’s birthday;  Zoroastrian’s Norouz; Bahal’s 19 day fast and intercalary days; Hindu’s’ Maha Shivarati and Wicca’s Osrara and Mabon .

Also, it’s England’s St. George; Wales’ St. David; and Scotland’s St. Andrew.

Coming up on April 15th is the festival of MY God, BAST - FUN-FUN-FUN, but no children please.  Did you know that Bastet or (Bast) was born on the 25th of December, too? Also, the stone ‘alabaster’ was named after Bast, because they carved the God’s image in that rock.

There are so many reasons for this to be a time for joy and giving. Look at all those different people who find importance in this month of March.

BAST says live, love, drink, laugh, give and forgive.

So!  Love to all my feline friends and their worshippers




One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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