Poppy reading the paper

What do you think Poppy is thinking about here?  Send your entries - no more than 5 please -

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Regina Boratgis, Massachusetts, USA

 "This is why I keep my landline."

Jamaka Petzak, Mojave Desert, US

“If that fat orange-headed weirdo would just quit tweeting, the rest of us could enjoy some REAL birds for once!”

“Put down that phone and GIVE ME SNORGLES!”

"Mobile Phone Mayhem For 30M"?  I wouldn't give a single sneezle for 'em!

“Servant. SERVANT!  Get on that thing and order more gushyfudz! STAT!”

"Tweets"?  I don't see any birdies!  Must be "fake news"! 

Becky Slater, Oklahoma, US

‘And it was said … “An apple a day keeps the doctor away …” … fake news!’

Marjorie Dorfman, US

“Hmm... how can I tear this newspaper into shreds and have fun with it without Mama realizing that it’s gone?”

Alison Longthorne, Stanhope le Hope, Essex, UK

“Poppy liked to have a quick look through the paper between naps, but she didn't like cross words.” 

“Having given the Prime Minister her thoughts about a no-deal breakfast Poppy settled down to see if Mrs May had taken her advice.”   WINNING CAPTION!

“Poppy was a great fan of Olivia Colman but found some of the article difficult to read.” 

“Poppy finished the Sudoku in record time, checked the share prices and then had a quick glance at the headlines.” 



The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

Stephen Baker