First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself: (sex, age, colour, special markings etc)?

I’m Jimmy, macho cat, yet formerly known by my first keepers as Tara! My grey and white markings are distinctive as a breed.

What is your earliest memory of living with your human family?

I was a ‘farm cat’ living in rural Cheshire for a number of years. I then ‘disappeared’ and lived rough. I forced my way in to my current keepers’ home in 2006. And in those seven years, I have lived with four other cats as well as my current two [see below] in five different homes.

If you were not a kitten when you came to live with your human family, do you remember much about the life you lived before then? (This might be hard and as I don’t want you to get distressed, you can leave that blank or ask your Dad to answer for you – but don’t look at what he puts.)

When I lived rough it was hard. I killed wildlife to survive. I got bitten and scratched. But I never lost my loving temperament.

What do you see as your role within your human family? What do you see as the cats’ role in society as a whole? Are they here on this planet to teach us humans about a better way of being?

My role here? As a role model! In society? To help people appreciate all animals. Here to teach humans? You bet we are. We purr to heal ourselves, we purr to heal humans. Not for nothing did Leonardo da Vinci describe us a masterpiece.

Do you have other felines in the household? Are they related to you? If unrelated (or even if related) do you all get on ok or is life a struggle to fit in?

I love my young siblings Holly & Daisy even though we are unrelated. The feeling is mutual. We get on famously, except when I’ want to be left in peace.

We all know that cats are furry messengers (or Angels) sent by the Great Cat in the Sky, would you say that this ‘assignment’ has helped your humans to live their lives in better enlightenment or do they have a way to go before they reach that stage?

I know, and they know that I have helped them. My female keeper Anne ‘channels’ animal lover Princess Diana. I was present during the whole of the last channelling of June 25th. And she compliments me for my spiritual nature; as you would… 

Would you say that the trouble with the world today is that there is no respect for all living things (humans or animal)?

Albert Schweitzer put forward the idea of reverence for all life, especially animals. Many famous people [Gandhi, da Vinci, Mohammed, Churchill] have said the same thing.

If you could stand up and voice your feelings about the world we live in, what do you think you’d like to say?

Humans began life as a slave species hundreds of thousands of years ago when the Annunaki ‘invaded’ earth and created a hybrid race. They also created a ruling bloodline which was and is despotic. Over the millennia humanity has nearly been wiped out twice. Today, all over the world, people are waking up to what has been happening. And they don’t like it, and want to change it. In a modern age of ‘me first’ and consumerism, I believe we cats have taught people a different set of values.

Do you think if people settled disputes the ways cats do (arched backs, huge fluffed out tails and a bit of hissy spitting) that there would be no need for war or fighting?

What a great idea!

If you could change one thing about living with your present human family, what would it be? Would this apply just to this family or all people in general?

Less need to squawk first thing in the morning to get them to fill my dish.

People say that when they incarnate they’d like to come back as a cat because cats don’t seem to do anything other than lie around all day being waited on hand and foot and spoiled rotten. Would you want to incarnate as a human and toil and strive for 60 odd years before you could retire spending what’s left of your life in a broken down body or would you rather just be a cat?

We are helping humanity change from this kind of world into one of compassion, love and reverence for all life. So, the distinction is false.

What legacy would you like to leave to your human family and the other felines that share your home?

I am very advanced in years, and I know my human family will remember me for ever. They have shared their lives with a dozen cats, but keep repeating that I am unique. And it’s probably true. Holly and Daisy will miss me, but I’m certain another version of Jimmy will come into their lives. To paraphrase Gandhi, my life is my message.

How would you like to be remembered by those that love you when the Great Cat calls you home?

As a loving example to all beings, as someone who can change, and a wonderful companion. And I know I will be.

Are there any special needs that help to make your life bearable? By that I mean, a comfortable bed, good quality senior food, regular veterinarian check ups etc which have helped you cope with being a Pensioner Pussy Cat?

I have all the comforts I need. I will never be 100% satisfied with my ‘wet’ food, because when did cats ever need sugar in their diet?

Finally, what do you attribute to your longevity? Good food? Lots of naps? Living with kind people? Love? Good genes? Good veterinary practices?

My early years as a farm cat [self-sufficiency], a loving home [since 2006]. Yes, I value my vets [even though I will have to find a new one] but I am not a fan of the feline version of allopathic medicine. One of my siblings who passed six months ago [Milo] tells me of a vet in her first home who was a homeopath. The greatest gift a vet can give is love.

Any thing else you’d like to add?

The world is changing. Despite what you hear from your media, for the better.

Dad questions:

What has your life been like living with cats? Would you say that your life has been enriched? Would you say that you were a better person, less selfish, more loving, since having cats in your life?  What will life be like do you think if there were no animals to share our homes with? What has living with Jimmy and his feline friends taught you? 

I cannot imagine a world without cats, or the animal ‘kingdom’ for that matter. Cats are as much a part of the world as we are. Just to sit and be with Jimmy is one of life’s great pleasures. The house is empty and sterile without cats.

Any thing else you’d like to add?

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This interview was carried out in response to a recent poll to find the oldest feline subscriber. Jimmy and his Canadian female feline counterpart, Chloe, are both 23 years of age.

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In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

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