This next item comes straight from the desk of Lizzy Janes, the elder of the Janes’ animals. Lizzy lives in Canada and is the lucky cat of Chris Janes, who is a volunteer at the Exploits Valley SPCA.*


Dear Ms. Dewberry,
Chris has told Chipper, Hope, Farley, Abby and myself a lot of stuff about you, so I really wanted to send you a little letter to tell you how things are going on this side of the world and how I was so very, very lucky to become a part of the Janes family.
When I was only about six weeks old, I was brought to the local pet store in search for a home with my brother, who had white paws and a black body; it kind of looked like he was wearing a pair of white boots! I was really nervous and was crying a lot, hoping somebody would want to take me home, though it really felt as if, 'Boots',  as I will call him, was getting ALL of the attention, it made me very sad.
The next evening a man, a woman and a little boy came along to the pet store. They were looking at the birds, the fishies and even the geckos, lizards and spiders. Finally, they managed to get to my cage before leaving, and since 'Boots' got adopted the day before, I was really stressed and I was hoping this would be my forever family. The little boy was really gentle and seemed to love me, I loved him back as well, and I knew that this was where I belonged.
The family agreed to take me home, I was put in a small carrying crate, still I was a bit wary, but felt I was going somewhere safe. Eventually, everything stopped moving and the door of the crate opened, where the gentle boy took me into his arms, immediately I felt the love.
Yes, that is my story.
First I was the only animal in the house and it became pretty boring after a while. Then Mommy and Daddy got me spayed shortly after they got me as I was eager to get outdoors and experience the wild; catching birds and mice was one of my strongest abilities. I would bring home the mice and drop them on the back step and, for some reason, I still can't figure out why Chris was so grossed out by this.
A few months passed and the Janes' got another cat, Abby, who is a beautiful calico. Then, they got an Australian Shepherd dog, Hope, who was found in the woods with a broken pelvis and a litter of pups. In August, Farley, a male black/white cat was also brought into the family and FINALLY, Chipper the beagle was brought onto the scene, who still, today is the stalker and is oddly interested in inspecting the litter boxes, YES, I KNOW, GROSS.
Even though it is hard to get attention around here with all of the action on the go, I love Chris, Rhonda and Bruce and especially my brothers and sisters with all of my little feline heart.
Lizzy (The Eldest Cat)
aka: Black Beauty since I am an all black beauty :)

P.S Chris says he really enjoys talking with you and he hopes to stay in touch throughout the years.



A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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