Here's Mr. Shea's story.  He is still the sweetest little boy, very affectionate and trusting.


I have wanted to submit this story for so me time, and I’m finally getting to it. This is about my orange tiger cat, Seamus, and how he came to me. To me this story is amazing; to others it may only be unusual. You get to be the judge.

One morning in April of 2005 I was about to go for a radiation treatment for thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is not a death sentence, but it was still significant for me. I was ready to leave, but it was about an hour too early around 6:30am. I didn’t have to be there until about 7:30am. I went outside and sat on the steps drinking some tea (I wasn’t allowed to eat) and waiting for the time to pass just thinking about life and the way things turn out. After a few minutes I noticed this little orange kitty stroll through my yard right past the stairs I was sitting on. I called to him and said something like, “Hey little guy where are you going?”

He stopped and looked at me for a few seconds and walked over and sat in my lap. I had never seen or met him before and I was totally delighted. It felt like a good omen to me. He just sat with me while I stroked his little head and body and he purred very loudly for several minutes. When he got up I went in and got him a little water and dry cat food. He didn’t seem too interested and he didn’t look thin or like a stray, but still I wondered.

That was the beginning of an interesting relationship with him. For the next few weeks he showed up 2-3 times a week whenever I was outside doing yard work or hanging clothes to dry. He would chase me and grab me around the ankles if I walked away without petting him or sometimes even after I would pet him. I’d scream and laugh and he’d continue to chase me and grab my legs so of course I’d stop again. I wanted to take him inside and keep him but I was afraid he belonged to someone else who would miss him.

However we continued with our fun times and he began to show up a little more frequently. Then for a while he’d come just as I was leaving for work or shopping. I certainly didn’t want to let him in my house with my kitties without supervision so of course I didn’t let him in. After this happened 3 or 4 times I said as I was driving away and looking at his sad face, “God, if you really want me to take him in you have to send him to me when I’m off so I can supervise them all. I can’t put him in the house and then leave!!!”

About 3 days later I was off for a 4 day stretch. Still he didn’t show up until the 3rd day and then his left eye was very swollen – almost shut. So I called my vet and brought him in. I felt like I was stealing him from someone, but the doctor didn’t think so because he hadn’t been neutered, and his eye needed care.

I wondered if he had been left behind when someone moved or just dropped off in the neighbourhood. In any case he got his shots, tests, neutering and meds for his eye, and he was mine and he loved all my cats and they seemed to like him too. I decided Seamus was a good name for his Irish orange-red fur. He’s still a very lovable lap cat. He has brought so much happiness to my life. He comes at the sound of my voice and jumps on my lap when I pat it. I’ve never had a lap cat before, and I’m really enjoying his lap jumping.

seamusHe is also very affectionate and such good company. He looks at me when I talk to him almost as if he understands. So it seems as though he was sent to me for a reason – to help me through a difficult time. And he certainly did. I am grateful everyday for his presence.

Recently he’s helped me through another difficult time – unemployment and the loss of a job after 33 years at the same place. How he helped is hard to say, but when he’s in my lap I just feel better. The only down side is that he tries to run outside every time the door is opened. Fortunately if he gets out he usually just waits for me to get him and bring him in. All my cats are indoor only, but Seamus is the only one who tries to get out every time the door is opened. If he does get out, he doesn't usually go far. He just waits for me to pick him up and bring his royal highness inside.

© Linda Gavitt

Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens

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