Snookie sunbathing

Having read the article on CAT CARE IN THE SUN in the FELINE FITNESS section, Snookie's owner contacted The Daily Mews office to ask about the sun cream that was mentioned in the article. After she received it within a few days of ordering it on line, Snookie sent me the following report:

Snookie's comments:-

'Well, folks, it's been a funny old year.  One moment I'm with my Mum in a nice snug, warm, dark place and the next - I was off to a strange place full of other animals.  Well I wasn't there very long before these 2 strangers came and took me to their house.

Being what they call 'open plan', their house has great big windows and this 'patio' thing they keep going on about.  Well, once I got out there it was lovely - with nice cool paving stones and a narrow strip of garden to play on - but they kept taking me back inside and saying it was too hot and sunny.  Spoilsports.  And then they started producing this awful sun cream. 

Eventually, after a lot of sulking on my part they got the message and let me go out there again but not before they got this weird sun spray stuff.  (Petscreen SPF23, £9.70).*  It smelt a bit funny but it was better than that awful **Toddlers sun cream they kept using.  That sun cream was OK but SO messy. 

 Anyway, they sprayed  a cloth and dabbed my ears every morning despite my protests and said it was for my own good.  Well, I'm not too keen on getting my lovely ears moist I can tell you but I had to put up with it to keep them happy.  At least it was only once a day.

Still, it dries fast and once that was over they left me alone and I got back to doing I do best - catching beetles and sizing up nice big Wood Pigeons.

Us cats must make a stand and insist on our freedom!  Insist your owner looks after you as well as mine do and then you are free to hunt and prowl to your hearts content!

Bye for now,

Headbutts and purrs

Snookie Pie (owner of Trudi and Dorothy Rosie)

(Aged 5 ½ months) (UK)

 * PetScreen is a clear non-toxic spray and the manufacturers say one application should last the whole day. It dries rapidly and is ‘lick-resistant’ and can be obtained from:

**Note - the "Sun cream" was Ambre Solaire Toddlers sun milk factor 50 and didn't contain ammonia but I just tried to lick it off immediately.  While not keen on the spray, I soon forgot about it once applied.

A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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