Where there's Sparky, there is trouble.

He is still doing his little tricks.  The minute he hears me in the bathroom or the kitchen, he is there.  He loves to puddle in the sink and "help" me with the vegetables that I may be peeling. Or, when I change the pet water, which I do several times a day, he has to be there, putting his paw under the running water.  He gets right in the sink, and if there is water in it, no matter. He doesn't mind. Another great attraction for him is to watch the toilet flush.  When all the stuff has gone, he puts his paw in to touch the water.

The other night, just after we had gone to bed, we heard a "splash, splash".  I got up to see what was going on, and there was Sparkle, with his paw, splashing the water out of the bowl, delighted to see it run across the floor.  Scooter was sitting beside him, watching.  After all, it WAS Scooter who taught him what water was, in the first place.  And now BOY does he know!  A few days earlier I had wondered what had happened, when I discovered water all over the floor, and the pet water dish almost empty.  I had thought that maybe one of the cats had accidentally tipped it.  But that is hardly likely, as there is a Styrofoam tray under the dish.  But when I saw Sparkle's antics that night, I realized what had happened to the water dish.

He still loves to get a hold of a paper towel or toilet paper roll and riddle it.  Where there's Sparky, there is trouble.

It's a good thing we have five cats and a dog to keep this little time bomb busy.  He wears them all out.  It's good for Scooter, as he is a quiet cat and still just a year.  He was beginning to act like a grown-up -- until Sparky came along.  Now the two of them tear the house apart.  E~Z likes to get in on it too.  And it is so cute to see that Keeper (Grandmother) has taken on the role of Sparky's mother.  She grabs him and puts her arms around him and gives him a good washing.  The two of them curl up together.  Or if Keeper can't be found, Sparky will squeeze in beside Scooter.  Do they know they are related?

An update on Casey: Casey is not going anywhere. As previously mentioned, Casey was to be given to our neighbour.  But that is not going to happen.  Casey is staying in our family.

Helen Dowd, Canada

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