PyeThe third one of the black cats we have had over the years was a dear little sweetheart we named Pye. She came to us in the early Fall, very friendly but thin ad hungry! She seemed quite young although a bit difficult to guess as she was tiny and delicate looking. Pye was extremely curious even for a cat and this would get her into a bit of trouble over the years. She got into parked pick-up trucks and vans several times and we suspected that happened when she disappeared for 3 days once but she somehow found her way back to our relief. Who suspects a cat of being a stowaway? I think somebody unknowingly drove off with her but why they didn’t bring her back to our area I can only wonder.

At the time we had 5 other cats and Pye did not seem to enjoy being part of a pack, which is why I agreed when a man building a house next door asked if he could take her as she had charmed him by going over to “help”him and give him tips every day. Sadly this was a mistake, I wasn’t happy with the treatment he gave her, he didn’t want her in the house and he wouldn’t get her spayed! This resulted in the obvious and since she was still coming over to my house she ended up giving birth in my bed. Her new owner came over and collected the kittens but each day Pye tried to bring them back so he then took them away (told me he had found homes for them) but it was too sudden and too soon,  she became very sick from milk fever! I am not a confrontational person but I really did give him a tongue lashing and told him he’d better get her to the Vet.  He did take her in with haste and she got well. I was ecstatic when he moved away shortly after and abandoned her, I was delighted to take her back after what he had put her through.

She lived with us for nineteen happy and carefree years after that, still not keen that she had to share quarters with other cats, she did learn to tolerate them and none of them ever bothered her.

Doreen Johnson Canada

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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