It has been several months since my best friend Jasper went away. I’m not quite sure what happened, but the nice people who bought me to this place seem very quiet and upset, crying a lot and spending lots more time with me.  Maybe this is because Jasper isn’t here anymore and doesn’t need all those walks now.

Chapter 4: Something's Missing ... 


 I miss him loads as we used to play together, and he taught me how to put things in my mouth and carry them away, I still do this and now, my owners play with me trying to get it back - it’s great fun.

Sometimes I get really lonely. At first I kept looking at the door when anyone came in to see if Jasper was there, but he wasn’t. He used to bark and run to the door if it made a knocking sound, so I just run to the door the way he showed me too. (But I can’t bark like him though).

Although I miss him loads I am very settled here now, and getting used to all the different things along the way, I sleep a lot during the day time, that way I have loads of energy for when my friends get home. We play lots of games. My favourite toy at the moment is a giant that rattles; I play with this all the time. I have lots of toys, another favourite is a piece of string with feathers on the end and I love to chase it.

I still haven't grown very much so I guess I am going to be small although I eat loads and have plenty of treats. I still have my little bald patch on my head, which I think it was maybe from my kitten days. It doesn’t bother me and I forget it’s there sometimes (until my owner every now and then has a look at it in detail), but it’s ok because afterwards I get a nice brush, I didn’t like this at first because it tickled but now I roll over, sit up, turn around, it’s great.

Today was great fun! I helped with some decorating. Just as my favourite windowsill was painted I thought I would jump up and have a look outside at the leaves blowing past, as I like to try to catch them. This obviously wasn’t a very good idea as I heard a big NO!!! So I quickly made my get away leaving lots of paw prints along the way, I thought it looked good, but maybe not. Well that’s my story so far until my next adventure ...

Susan Campbell (UK)


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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