Do your cats go off their food for no apparent reason?  They seem well, no warm ears, moving around ok but just do not want to eat what you put down? 

StormandSpikeAs readers of another article I have written will know*, I have three cats. Smokey is a 4yo black who is the big scaredy cat, frightened of his own shadow, runs a mile from a carrier bag, hates the Hoover but will defend his territory to the death (or at least to my bloody hands after I picked him up to calm him down one time. Never again!).  He will also eat anything, anytime and is a big scavenger off the other cats’ dishes so we have to stay with them when they eat to monitor who gets what. 

Smokey was slightly overweight at about 5.5kg and he has been on a diet so is now down to around 5kg.  Exercise has helped as a couple of years ago we found out that Smokey loves to chase a screwed up piece of paper.  Not only that but he 'fetches’ it.  Throw it and he chases after it, plays with it for a few seconds then brings it right back for it to be thrown again.  He gets some great exercise up and down the stairs!

Storm is a 3yo black and thinks he is a parrot.  He loves to climb up on your shoulder SmokeyandStormif you pick him up.  That is my fault because when we first had him Smokey used to defend his territory so when Storm was very small, (small enough to fit in my hand) I used to put him up on my shoulder to keep him safe and he never grew out of it. Storm will eat most varieties but prefers Felix As Good As It Looks, and sometimes he has to have sprinkles on the top or he just stands there looking up at you with his unblinking eyes then looks at his dish and back again.

SpikeSpike is another 3yo but a grey, green, black tabby.  He is the curious one.  He will walk across your keyboard stopping in the middle to see what is on the screen.  He is also the noisy one.  The one in the cartoon that meows at 6am and when you ignore him, meows even louder then jumps on the bed and head butts and licks you (he is the only one of the three that will lick).  He is the one that when you finally give up and get up to feed him he takes one bite then wanders off to find a corner to sleep in!!  OOOOHHHHH!!  This is the one that goes off his food for sometimes days at a time, only eating half a pouch at a time if that. 

Well I think (hope) that I have found a solution.  I have found some cat treats (Thomas, sea food flavour cat treats) that all three cats love and I just poke a few of them into his food.  Once he has started eating and come across the crunch he just seems to keep eating looking for more of the treats.  Worth a try for anyone who has this problem with their cat not eating.

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Storm's Diaries

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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