Being the softy that I am I cried when I read that Garfield passed away. But he had a very happy home. I loved that he had a helper kitty in his last months. I have really laughed and cried a lot over the things in the Mewsletter. I do enjoy it very much. I don't even remember how I was introduced to it but I did pass it on to one of the woman on my sewing machine fixing group. 

spike and sammy I am not a breeder. I volunteered with a humane society until my health would no longer let me. Now I make a quilt for them to auction off. I fostered bigger dogs because that's what nobody else wanted to do. The cats that I have fostered have just appeared around me. All kittens young enough to bottle feed. Every time I say "no more" another 2 or 3 show up.

This last group was found in a junk car that a neighbour brought home. There were 3 and the neighbour had no clue how to take care of these kittens. They were no more than 3 weeks old and the people had put them in a crate with tuna and dry cat food.

The babies were covered in fleas. I took one look at them and said I will take them and care for them. I think they knew I would since it was a "go look at the kittens" thing. Bath, vet, bottles, and some happy kittens.

When they were about 6 weeks old one of the vet techs took 2 of them off my hands and I was left with Sammy who will go to the people who found him eventually.

My signature includes my web shots link and in it are pictures of our animals. The dogs and Spike are my daughters and Hobo is mine. Hobo actually followed me home when he was a kitten and hung around begging until my daughter said I could keep him. I can't really say Hobo is mine because he is just here. He is not one of those affectionate cats but he lets me pet him once in awhile, and every so often he will curl up with me at nap time.

hoboOne thing I have noticed with cats, they are all very different. I don't think I have found one yet that has the same personality as another.

Spike is our "you can do almost anything to "cat.

Hobo. Hmm, he is here and he allows me to pet him when he says, so no cuddling.

Sammy, my foster kitten, is now in the "lets see how much havoc I can create "stage. But he is a cuddler and he has a habit of putting his paws on either side of my nose and nipping. I can't help laughing.

Sheila Fuhrmann, Georgia, US

Visit Sheila’s web shots link to view her furry friends here:


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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