I work as a school crossing guard (lollypop lady) and as a result am outside in all types of weather. Well recently, I came rushing into the house to go to the loo, threw my coat off and thought to myself "I'll go downstairs so that my boots will dry on the carpet as I travel". (I was planning on cleaning my carpets so was ok with this idea). 

ClaraVery bad idea for as soon as my foot hit the ceramic flooring in the bathroom, I was gone. I fell hitting my chin on the porcelain loo and falling splat. Fortunately I did not knock myself out and could walk even though I had banged my right knee pretty badly. I made it back upstairs only to be greeted by Clara my little Aussie moggie.

Now Clara herself is battling feline hyperthyroidism and requires medication twice daily. This week she stopped eating and I felt she was giving up on her life as she did not like taking this pill by force. She wanted nothing to do with the pill pockets. I assure you, Clara is one finicky cat.

Anyway, getting back to the story, I found my way to the telephone and rang a girlfriend for assistance as I live on my own. I told my friend how to get into the house and that she would find me on the bed. Clara followed me everywhere I went. If I stopped to rest, Clara stopped and sat beside me never taking her eyes off me. I found my way into the bedroom and lay down. Clara jumped on the bed and lay beside me. Now normally she would curl into me but this time she lay down facing me but close enough that I could touch her. As I put my hand out across the bed Clara put her little paw into it. She never left me until she heard my friend come in. At that point she jumped off the bed and I could hear her running to the top of the stairs meowing as if to say "hurry, Mom needs you".

This kitty continued to amaze me even after I returned home from the hospital a few hours later as I wondered how I would ever get HER meds into her but the answer came later as I gave the pill to her in a "pill pocket" and she never even blinked … just ate it. She continues to take them in this same fashion and continues to sleep curled in to me as my broken arm heals. 

That's my little Nurse Clara.

Judy Murphy, Canada


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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