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Garfield and Ricky deep in conversation ...

This is the section where you can read all about other people's cats and the things they get up to - whether they've done hilarious things, naughty things or downright plain old boring things - with cats - life is always an adventure!

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Title Published Date Author
Octavia, my little 'lab' cat 30 June 2006 Written by Stephanie L Weiss
Yoga with my cat 02 June 2006 Written by Dena Harris
Walking in the rain with Tushtots 01 June 2006 Written by Carol Lake
Our cat Bob just turned legal drinking age!!! 30 April 2006 Written by Annie Bruce
A letter to Shiloh 16 April 2006 Written by Seti Roach
Every cat is special 14 April 2006 Written by Larry McCarley
Junior and Sammie 08 January 2006 Written by Darlene Khan
Fraidy Cat 05 January 2006 Written by Lisa Foss
The Honey Jar 30 November 2005 Written by Ron Hevener
An old man's prayer for his cat ... 17 November 2005 Written by Source unknown

A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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