Frankie and Johnnie, being cats and busybodies, had to know what Mr. Mom was doing behind the closed bathroom door.


They would use their little bodies and paws banging on the door in an effort to get me to open it. I could see a pure white paw push under the door. It was Frankie's. I finally relented and let them have their way. Opening the door, they entered.

Both cats sat down on their haunches and watched Mr. Mom using the toothpick to remove the little bits from between his teeth. He had just finished lunch.

Never under estimate a cat's intelligence. They knew I loved them and that they had me twisted around their pretty paws. It was not the first time these animals used their wiles to get me to do what they wanted. And it would not be the last.

The toothpick fell from my hand landing on the tile floor.

The boss cat, Frankie, suddenly decided she had a new game to play. She'd take the toothpick in her mouth, drop it, and push it around on the floor. Pick it up, drop and push it around, again and again. Finally, tiring of her new game she let it lay on the floor.

While this was going on, Frankie and Johnnie sat opposite, facing one another. Johnnie thought it was her turn to try the game Frankie just quit. Johnnie began pushing the toothpick around, using her right paw.

What happened next, for all times, was one for the books.

Frankie quickly raised her right paw and slapped Johnnie across the left side of her face. Frankie, in her mind, was asserting her dominion. Johnnie had no business in playing with the toothpick.

I was flabbergasted and at the same time could not stop laughing at what I had just seen. Poor Johnnie immediately stopped her play. She was only second fiddle.

The temper and this display of action by Frankie was another step of the cat education in my living with these delightful and beautiful four legged bundles of fur.

My "children" Frankie and Johnnie continue to amaze their loving Mr. Mom.  

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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