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Lexi: Hello to all of you and thanks for reading our article. We took you through a quick day in the life of Service Cats last month ( ), but since we are going to be around every month now we thought we ought to take a little time to introduce ourselves properly.  

Lexi in chairMy name is Laramie Alexandra but everybody calls me Lexi.  Although that wasn't my first name, but we'll save that story for another time.  I am an Egyptian Mau born on April 29, 1999.  I am currently 15 years old and fit as a fiddle.  That's a story all in and of itself.  I was rescued and saved on that very day by the human I call mommy.  I have lived with mommy ever since that day and have had 3 brofurs.  I'll tell you about them in future articles also.  My current roomate/sisfur is a pain beautiful Ragdoll.  I think I'll let her introduce herself to you all.  We look forward to getting to know you all in the coming months and years and we hope you keep coming back to read our articles. 

Dezi: Is it my turn yet sissy? 

Lexi: Yes Dezi, go ahead and introduce yourself and then I'll let everybody know what they can expect to see from us in the future.

Dezi in her harnessDezi: Thanks Lexi. Hello everybody.  My name is Deztinee Izabella, but everybody calls me Dezi.  You should have noticed by now that our mommy likes names that are a little unusual, either through the spelling or just something you might not see every day.  

Anyways, I'm a Ragdoll.  I was born on November 1, 2009.  I will be 5 years old this year, but I still act like a kitten.  That's pretty typical of my breed.  We not only keep growing in size for a few extra years, we also take a bit longer to mature.  Who knows sis Lexi might let me tell you all about Ragdolls in a future article.  

So back to my introduction.  Mommy rescued me from a disreputable breeder when I was about 3 - 4 weeks old.  I was almost dead when she brought me home, but she prayed and nursed me back to health and now I'm a feisty handful.  MOL (Meow out loud)

Between mommy and sis Lexi I have become an awesome service cat.  My favourite lessons were those that involved the phone.  You know, we can call 911 and get help if mommy needs us to.   Us Ragdolls are very social so I just love talking on the phone.  Mommy said I was a natural.  I don't know exactly what that means but.......

Lexi: That's enough Dezi, you tell everything today and we won't have anything left to write next month.  MOL  

Dezi: As if we could run out of things to say.  Hmmph (hehehe)

Lexi: Well, as Dezi said we both can use the phone to get mommy help if she needs it, and we will be telling you lots more about that.  We plan on writing more stories about our training and the other duties we perform as Service cats as well as some product reviews (things we like or use that you might be interested in).  We also hope to write some educational articles from time to time and of course have lots of fun.  After all, everybody likes to have fun, don't they?!   We sure hope you subscribe and come back to read our latest stories every month. So till the next time, we'll say be blest and.....

Dezi: Adopt and spay and neuter.  It saves a life and prevents overpopulation and helps keep shelters and rescues from overcrowding.  Sorry for butting in sissy but I thought this was important.

Lexi: It's very important Dezi, thanks for adding it sis. We'll see you later.

Dezi: Lexi and Dezi signing off now. Come visit us every day at

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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Lexi, Dezi and mommy Audra 

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