Devon, Lexi and LuckyLexi:  Wow, it’s Christmas! When I came to live with mommy 15 years ago, we lived a very simple life. Like now mommy didn't have much money, but she had an abundance of love to give. I had 2 brofurs at the time, Devon, a 4 year old Blue Point Himalayan, and Lucky, a 28 day old Flame Point Siamese.

Mommy adored us and we all worked hard to help her cause we loved and adored her too. Christmas at our house was a very simple celebration. Mommy would hang our stockings way up high so we couldn't actually reach them. She would put some Catnip that she had saved and frozen in a baggy and slip it in them. And she would go through our toy box and pull out a couple of toys from the bottom that we hadn't played with in a while, and wrap them up in old calendar pages and put them under our tree.  We would sing carols and mommy would read us the story of Jesus from the Bible and we always got a special can of noms. You know, something we didn't get every day. And love filled our day. This was Christmas at our house.  

Lucky and LexiDevon was the first of my brofurs to pass away right after his fifth birthday. He had a brain tumour and overnight everything about him changed. And then it was just Lucky and me. The year Lucky and I turned five is the year things would change drastically. That year Lucky got sick a few days before Christmas and went to heaven in the early hours of Christmas morning. That was the first year we didn't have Christmas. The stockings hung on the wall till the end of January and the calendar wrapped old toys lay under an unlit Christmas tree. And mommy and me wandered around in a fog. 

RansomRansom joined our family in February and brought new life into our house. He was a black and white mitted Ragamuffin. And a little pistol. MOL. He learned to be a Service cat pretty quickly and we took to each other like we were from the same litter. And then three years later, he got sick. He had been born with a heart problem, but it didn't seem to bother him so mommy just kept an eye on him and didn't worry too much about it. But at three years old he developed a severe Urinary Tract Infection. It really got him down, but mommy and the VET worked together on a plan to manage it. Everything seemed to be working until he started refusing to eat the prescription diet and his heart problems got worse. Right before Thanksgiving in 2009, Ransom gave up. He quit fighting and went to heaven to join Lucky, leaving mommy and me alone again. Until a couple of days later when we got the call about a litter of Ragdolls that had been rescued from a disreputable breeder. If you missed last month’s article, you can read it here.

Dezi: That's when I became your sisfur, isn't it Lexi?

Lexi: Yes Dezi, that's when you became the bane of my existence, my sisfur. You were my Thanksgiving present that year. And I'll be honest, at first I wasn't giving too many thanks. MOL. You had worms and stank, and every time you went to the litter box you had a mess on your bloomers.

Dezi: But you loved me anyways right, Lexi?

LexiLexi: Not at first sissy. But yeah, I came around. You didn't scare and you didn't run away when I hissed at you. And let's face it, I could have squashed you flatter than a pancake. MOL. But like Lucky, so many years before, you stood up to me and kept trying. That Christmas was the first Christmas in a few years that I had a good time again. Mommy hung our stockings way up high and again dug through the toy box for some old unused toys and wrapped them up in old calendar pages and put them under the tree. But for the first time ever, mommy hadn't counted on a kitten like you. Altho' you were too young to care about catnip, you didn't like it when something was off limits. I remember the day when mommy learned just what a handful you were really going to be. She was washing dishes and you figured out how to get to the stockings and knock them to the ground. You were small enough to fit on the ledge of the hutch and that made you just tall enough to pull at the stockings. OMC - What a nip fest. Mommy finished with the dishes and came walking into the living room to find me with half my body in the stocking and you with catnip all over your face and pouncing on my tail. Mommy had a big laugh and after we finished playing and she got all the nip out of your cottony baby fur she rehung the stockings, a lot higher. MOL. We got along great after that. And mommy and me really started looking forward to Christmas again.

Dezi: Oh, Lexi, me just loves Christmas and catnip. The tree and the lights and the decorations. And story time with mommy. And me really likes to go to the nursing home and sing carols to the peeps who may not get to be with their family for Christmas. Mommy and me do that every year the week before Christmas. And then on Christmas morning when we get up mommy gives us a special can of noms (food) and then after breakfast she sits us down and tells us the story of Jesus' birth. And then we go to the keyboard and mommy plays and we all sing songs and just spend the day being together. Me will admit it's a lot like every day at our house, but it's wonderful. There's so much warmth and love here. 

Lexi: You are so right Dezi. Member last year’s Christmas?

Dezi: OMC - Me sure does. Me will never forget it. 

Lexi: Me either, Dezi. It was our first year in social media and our friends sent us so much amazing stuff. We got food and litter and so many new toys we couldn't even play with them all. It was so much fun. 

Dezi: It sure was Lexi. And we still got a special can of noms, the story of Jesus and mommy's love. What a day. And do you remember that everybody kept asking us about writing a letter to that Santa Clause person? 

Lexi: Yes Dezi, I remember that too. We had never heard of Santa Clause and mommy said that humans have to help him by giving him money for all the stuff he brings, and we were so grateful to all our friends for every gift they sent. And that Santa guy got help from one of our "aunties" and even sent mommy and us a turkey dinner. We were sure blest. Altho' we are always blest because we have mommy and each other and all of our wonderful friends. 

Dezi as Santa PawsDezi: We are so grateful Lexi for all that we have, but there are so many that have so much less. We want to ask that Santa Clause again this year if he will bring loving forever homes to all the shelter kitties and a warm dry place to sleep and full food bowls for all the ferals. And we would also want to ask that he brings all our friends their hearts’ desire. We have all we need and the only thing even mommy could think of last year was a cat tree which we have been blest with two this past year. This past year has also brought us so much more love and lots of new friends and family. So now when we celebrate Christmas, we're not alone. You are all here with us in spirit. When we sing we hear your voices mingling with ours and as we thank God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon us, we thank Him for each of you. And we ask Him to keep His hands on and bless each of you. Thank you for spending the last year with us and we look forward to many more years to come. 

Lexi: What Dezi said - thank you for being our friends. And thank you for all your love and support. From our house to yours the warmest and loving holiday wishes. May all your dreams come true. Just take a minute to remember the spirit of Christmas is love and wonderment. Take a minute to hold all your family, furry and fleshy close. Your life and having the ones you love with you is the greatest gift you can give each other. After all the greatest gift the world was ever given wasn't a million dollar gift wrapped in a brightly coloured package with a $5.00 bow, it was a baby, a Saviour. 

We hope to see you all in the new year. Dezi and I will be back with antics galore as we continue to share the joy and love of our house with yours. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Dezi: Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!

Lexi and Dezi and mommy: The only gift we have to give to all of you is the gift we freely give.........Our LOVE to you all.

Mommy Audra: Thank you all for letting my girls into your hearts and lives. This past year has been a real joy for us and we can't wait to see what this year brings. Be kind to your fellow man and give aid to all God's creatures. Maybe one day we'll have no more need of shelters or rescues for every homeless animal will be blest with a loving forever home. But until that day comes support them and remember to adopt. Merry Christmas.

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Lexi, Dezi and mommy Audra

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