Lexi: Well it started 'round Thanksgiving. I suddenly seemed to take a dislikin' to my food. Mind you I have always loved chow time. Mine and anybody else's I could get my paws on. Mommy always had to keep a close eye on me so I wouldn't steal the food out from underneath Dezi who eats like a teenager on her first date. We had recently gotten a new fountain and I'm tellin' ya', I love that thing. So mommy didn't worry too much when I begun to spend a lot of time with it. But as time went on and the "new" wore off, I was still nursin' that fountain like a drunk nurses a bottle of Jack Daniel's. And I was bein' ever so picky about eatin' what mommy was servin'. It's not like she wasn't trying. She had gone out and bought practically every kind of food on the market. I just didn't seem all that interested and was losing weight like a movie star before a big picture. And as a result of all that water intake I was depostin' clumps in the litterbox that could clog the best of toilets. Now, mommy was worried. So what does any good mommy do when they're worried and have tried everything they know to fix it? Yep, you guessed it, she made an appointment with our VET. 

Bein's I'm 15 going on 16, hey ain't that a song or somethin? Anyways, since I'm a bit on the older side mommy had made that appointment for a full blood work up so she could see what she could see. Upon arriving at the VET and discussing what was goin' on with me, the VET decided to start with a urinalysis. The suspected ailment was actually Diabetes. Well about 20 minutes after the jab in my bladder and withdrawal the doctor returned to the room with this strip that looked like a pregnancy test. And announced to mommy that I had early stage Renal Disease. WTC (what the cat) Renal Disease mommy said, are you sure? The doctor prescribed an $80.00 nutraceutical for me and sent us on our way. He told mommy that a blood test wasn't necessary at this time. Mommy was so upset she couldn't think so we gathered our things and left. Now for those of you who don't know my mommy, let me tell ya', she's a fighter. And she's got a mind on her that doesn't quit. She immediately started doing her research to find out everything she could about this disease and how to treat it and beat it. 

Word is, it can't be beat, it's fatal. Well...all we can say about that is...we'll see. Mommy's gonna do what she can to keep that from happening. I am a very blest ladycat to have such a pawsum mommy. She has found a website with a group of peeps who are like her. And they are very knowledgeable, nice and helpful, but they all recommended a blood work up to accurately get a look see for where we are. So mommy made me a follow up appointment for a recheck and blood test. We were shocked when we arrived and our VET ignored mommy’s request for a blood work up. It actually angered mommy a bit and she went on the search to find a VET who would run those tests for us. She finally found one and so off we went. Well, let me tell ya', that was a place of incompetence and torture. We won't go into it all here, but you can read all ‘bout it on our blog here. HISSssssssssss We are still waiting on the results, but at least now we will have numbers and can make an educated plan for my treatment.

Anyways, the point of our article today is to tell you to consult with your vet at the first sign of problems. Don't wait. You know your furry friend better than anyone else in the world so if something is out of the ordinary it usually means something is wrong. You know us cats can be very clever at hiding our illnesses because we don't wanna be seen as vulnerable or weak. Mommy says she should have taken me to the VET earlier, but thankfully we are still in the early stages. Altho' did you know that by the time a cat starts showing symptoms of Kidney disease the kidneys have already lost 75% of their function. This disease is nothing to play around with. Altho' no disease is really, so please, if your kitty is doing anything out of the normal, make an appointment and see your vet. Please don't go online and symptom check and self-diagnose. You could be wasting precious time. We will keep you posted on my condition and of course if you want to stay up to date you can follow our blog and/or Facebook page anytime. And if any of you are facing Feline Kidney disease yourself and are looking for support don't hesitate to contact us and we can put you in touch with a wonderful online support group. As always, thanks for reading our article and for your continued support and prayers. If any of you would like to donate to our Vet fund or everyday care you can do so through Paypal. A link is on our blog's sidebar along with the email address you will need. I know you all look forward to seeing and hearing from Dezi as well, but we felt this needed to be addressed. So I'll let Dezi close us out. And I'll see you all soon.

Dezi: Meowllo everybody. I'm helping mommy take care of sissy but she really is in great shape and she's still taking care of mommy. We really do appreciate you all and your purrayers. We pray for all of you daily and hope that none of you ever have to go through this. Truth is, if we could make all the bad diseases go away we would. But alas, we are mere players on this big stage called life. So here we are once again wishing you all the bestest month ever. Me is purryin' for you all. We'll see you soon.

Till the next time.........................Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

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Lexi, Dezi and mommy Audra



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