Dezi on the cat treeWell hello Daily Mews readers, it’s Dezi. Me wasn’t sure how it would be writing here without me’s sis Lexi. Really me hasn’t been sure of much without me’s sis Lexi. You know she’s been a part of me’s life since mommy brought me home at 3 weeks old; and me will be 7 this year. Me does miss her even tho’ me knows she’s in heaven and no longer sick or in pain. And me would never want her to be in pain, so mommy says we have to remember her with love and open our hearts to love anew.

Being a Service Cat means that me has a job to do every day. Me helps mommy in many ways so she can remain independent. Now let me say, me’s mommy’s not like huge or nothing but she is a big lady. She stands 5 feet almost 8 inches tall. She lost a few inches thru the years. But that’s another story. So anyways, it takes two Service kitties to help mommy. Me’s been trying and doing me’s bestest to help her out, but there are just some things me can’t do alone. So even tho’ mommy and me miss sis Lexi somethin’ pawful, mommy has been scouring the shelters and rescues and ads looking for a new kitty to train as me’s helper.

Smart as me is, me didn’t really understand what she was doing. All me knew is that she would cry a lot and make phone calls every day. Lots of times she would go out without me and come home smelling of betrayal (other cats). Oh me always forgave her because me loves her so much; but me did get the feeling something was up. Me just had no idea what.

RaenaWell, a couple weeks ago mommy left me one afternoon with some lady me didn’t know. She told me to take the afternoon off and play or nap and she would return later. Mommy doesn’t do things like that often so me didn’t really know when ‘later’ was. Me did know when dinnertime came and went and she wasn’t home tho’. Me’s tummy told me all about it. Finally, at dark o’clock mommy came rushing in and mumbling about how she needed to set up the play pen and then she would fix me some dinner. Oh, she did stop long enough to give me a kiss, but it was like a whirl wind or something watching her rush around. And what play pen? Why do we need a play pen, me thought?

Then me saw sis Lexi’s travel carrier sitting in mommy’s chair. Me went over to inspect it and…OMC Somebody peed all over the place. It reeked of urine. And then it started meowing at me. Y, that for sure isn’t me’s sis Lexi. Mommy got the play pen all set up and then she made an old canned cat food box into a litterbox. Well, anybody who knows me, knows me couldn’t fit a paw in one of those boxes, so me for sure wouldn’t be able to use it for, well, you know. So me asked mommy about all this raucous and meowing coming from sis Lexi’s travel carrier for that matter; and she said she would explain it to me after dinner. Me saw mommy take the travel carrier to the play pen and drop something inside. So while mommy went to make me’s dinner me went over to the play pen to check it out.

Raena in travel carrierInside that play pen was a tiny ball of fluff with a set of pipes to rival any opera diva. Me immediately ran to mommy to protest the arrival of such monstrosity. But mommy calmly and lovingly said,“Dezi my darling, I love you more than life itself and always will; but we need help. We need to love again. That little girl had a rough start kind of like you, and all she wants is to be wanted and loved. She’s your new sisfur and she’s purrfect. I love her, so I know you’ll love her too.”   

Raena on the cat treeSo everyone, purrlease say hello and welcome me’s new sisfur; RaenaBelle Maycee High. Mommy chose Raena, because it means ‘New Beginnings’. We will always remember and never forget sis Lexi. Mommy says she wouldn’t trade the last 17 years for the world. But we won’t tarnish sis Lexi’s life and memory by closing ourselves off to the world. We have lots of love left to give and in honour of sis Lexi we will continue to live and love to the fullest. Raena was born on April 21, 2016. She’s a beautiful bi-colour Ragdoll and will be trained as a Service cat to help me assist mommy. You can follow our blog, Facebook or twitter for more fun and adventure as well as more frequent updates.

Till the next time……………………. Be Blest!!!

Love and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi, RaenaBelle and mommy Audra 

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Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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