Hi guys

Hope you all had a good Xmas & New Year?

Well here we are in sunny Thassos – the temperature has been up to 24oC some days at the end of 2015 but it’s cooler now at nights although we haven’t has much snow! Thank goodness, I hate the stuff. Makes your feet and fur all cold and wet! Yuck! At the moment however, I am sitting on my balcony railings soaking up the sun. Or maybe I’ll see which one of my feline family I’ll belt next, got to keep them in check you know. I am the Blue Eyed Cat!!!

Let me tell you I nearly wasn’t around to do this article. Mam and Dad decided they needed a break, not from us their beautiful cats (Haha). No, just they hadn’t been away except to England to visit their friends and family for ages, so they decided to visit the Christmas market in Munich for a few days at the beginning of December.

As usual they had arranged for our favourite Aunties, Jane and Carol to look after us. What could go wrong? Anyway, the night before they were due home I couldn’t be bothered to eat or go out just wanted to sleep, one of my favourite occupations! But this went on for a few days and after me hobbling around on 3 legs for a few days, Mam and Dad finally got the message and took me to the vets.

Now most of you probably hate those things called cars? But me, the only time I’ve been in one recently was when I wouldn’t leave the gallery, the car was parked outside for some reason so for a laugh Dad chucked me in and drove the 3 yards to the car park. It was really good fun and the locals thought it was hilarious, the old men were chuckling away.

This time however they put me in this cage/basket thing. I didn’t like it one bit. I yowled all the way down the hill on the way to the main town. Then just to stress Dad even more –heehee- I thought I’d wee all over Mam. Haha!

Anyway without further mishap we got to see this nice lady vet who said I’d caught my claw and badly bruised it but there was no infection as the Parents had given me antibiotics straight away. Phew! Can’t even think what I’d done then as I was given some awful medicine. Yuck. Still I’m better now still letting the rest know who is boss!!!!

Another of our lot went to the vets too. It’s mating season here until about the middle of February so all the tom cats, unneutered ones, stalk all over the island looking for poor little females they can get pregnant! Anyway there’s been a one eyed tom, named Jack by Dad, who the Parents have been feeding cos they feel sorry for him. But Mam seems to have a soft spot for him; she says he has a very nice nature! So after much discussion they decided they would try to ‘catch’ him and get him done before he became a ‘full blown’ tom.


Poor thing, he came for his lunch, Dad grabbed him, put him in the basket/cage thing and called the vet who was available, luckily. So off he went, I hear he was as good as gold Mam says. He also suffers very badly from ear mites and had scratched the skin raw especially round one ear. He looked so sorry for himself! So he was treated for that and what a difference. His fur is shining, he’s still nervous because obviously I still have to keep him in his place. The others keep getting muddled up as he’s very similar looking to me!

Things have now settled down in the ‘Wiles’ household for now, so I’ll love you & leave you with a few snaps of my ‘feline family’.

Floot chilling This is me chillin'. 








jack, pete, missi Jack, Pete and Missi








missi Missi








mam, Freda Mam - Freda








A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.