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This is the section  where humorous stories are posted. Very often these have been sent via  email to several people before landing in my inbox. Unfortunately, the source/author is often unknown. However, if you know the source or the author, please let me know and I will credit the story accordingly..


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Title Published Date Author
Dear Cats and Dogs 14 August 2012 Written by Laura Dumm
Dear Diary 30 January 2013 Written by Pauline
Dear God: a dog's prayer 11 August 2004 Written by Jena
Doggie Wisdom 23 August 2012 Written by Michael Kolonel (Canada)
Equal Opportunities 23 August 2012 Written by Michael Kolonel in Newfoundland, Canada
Excerpts From "A Cat's Guide To Human Beings" 23 August 2012 Written by Jena, Texas, USA
Excerpts from a dog's daily diary 10 December 2003 Written by Mollie
Forty Tricks to Train Your Human 04 August 2012 Written by Darlene Arden
Four Cats 23 August 2012 Written by Colleen Brayack, California, USA
Free Kittens 23 August 2012 Written by Clara Wersterfer (US)

The Very Best Toy for Cats

"Of all the [cat] toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a noise when you jump on it."

Stephen Baker

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