cherry_tree_catteryYou’ll never guess where I’ve been recently.  Give up? Ok, since you’re twisting my paw behind my back I’ll tell you.  I’ve been on holiday!  Hmm, bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

Last year, I had to look after Mum as she was really sad when Sam left and it’s been quite a stressful year what with one thing and another.  I just decided I needed a break and having discussed it with Mum, she agreed that I could book myself into a hotel for a few days.

Well, Cherry Tree Cattery is the most fantastic place I’ve ever seen.  Talk about ‘home from home’ it surpasses all expectations. The chalets are like town houses with three floors.  On the top floor is a lovely squishy but comfortable bed; on the middle floor is where I took my meals and had my scratching thing with the ball that goes round and round, and on the ground floor was a litter tray and another tall scratching post. It really was kitty heaven.

Cherry Tree Cattery is run by two of the loveliest people in the world (next to Mum and Lawrence, I hastily add), Janice and Dave, and nothing could be too much trouble for them.  There were other cats on their holidays too and we all were extremely happy with our surroundings. 

Janice left the radio on all day so that we could keep up to date with the news and our soaps.  Being a cat of the world I like to keep up with events and we’d all discuss the latest news while some boring chatting programme might be on.  It’s amazing the diverse opinions we all had on all the different subjects, I can tell you.

As you know we cats like to keep to our routines and the first day or so was a learning curve for me as I didn’t know what time I was going to get my breakfast and dinner.  At Chez Mews (where I live with Mum) I have Mum pretty much well trained when it comes to meal times and I do like punctuality if possible, unless there are extenuating circumstances which prevent this. Also, I don’t have a litter tray at Chez Mews so I had to get used to this unexpected en suite facility.  It can be pretty off-putting having a wee (or worse still, a poo) when the occupant of the town house opposite yours is staring intently at you.

When Mum came to collect me after a few days, at first, I hid from her as I really didn’t want to leave.  Under protest did I let Dave put me in my carrying basket and I kept the protest up all the way home.  Once I was released from the basket, I flew round my house making sure it was all as I left it – thankfully, there were no changes – and I sat where my food bowl is normally placed which was a hint to Mum that it was dinner time.

Having recharged my batteries I feel a lot better now and I think Mum enjoyed her break away too.  I told her to have a few days to herself as she needed some ‘me’ time too and of course, now she is back, we can look after each other.       

Till the next time,



One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)