Casey being a DJSo how was your Christmas? Did you get lots of nice presents? I had a new scratching pad shaped like a turntable so when I scratch on it, it looks like I’m being a DJ grooving on down with the kits. Took me a few days to figure it out and of course Mum never had the camera ready when I used it, so it was a bit hit and miss to begin with.  Hope you think I’m one cool cat from the picture she finally took.

Casey with green catnip mouseJust before Christmas I wrote and told you that George the Rotund had peed in my toy box and all my toys had to be thrown away.  Dumpty and Gabion’s Human Food Bowl attendant wrote to Molly’s Mice and they sent me two cat nip mice to play with. They even sent a message saying ‘Happy Christmas Casey’ which was very kind of them. There’s a green one and a red one but I’ve only played with the green one so far.  Gibbs likes it as well so Mum got the red one out of the bag for me and now we have one each.  Gibbs does go mad for cat nip toys whereas you know my stance on playing.  Still not quite got the hang of it yet, although it’s quite amusing to watch Gibbs go bananas.

Casey looking cool in his new scarfSquirt sent me the coolest of cool scarfs; it’s red and I look pawsome in it.  I’m not one to blow my own trumpet as I’m quite shy and reserved but I do look good in it.  What do you think? 

And as if those three wonderful things were not enough, the other day the deliveryman brought a very special surprise for me and Gibbs – two humongous boxes of noms. I think the Great Cat has his paw in this because things are difficult for Mum at the moment.  I heard her one morning talking to the Great Cat and the noms situation was mentioned a couple of times. He must have tapped one of our friends on the shoulder and mentioned it to them because this Angel of Mercy got right on it and ordered the two big boxes of noms to come all the way from America to where we live in Kent, which is in England. 

Mum got all leaky-eyed and said ‘aren’t people amazing?’ and then she sat right down then and there and thanked the Great Cat for being so quick off the mark.  Part of the joy of receiving gifts, is in the giving and we intend to paw it forward as soon as we can. 

The Angel who sent us the noms said it was a special Valentine present for all of us – including Mum. Gibbs, me and Mum would just like to say we hope you all get nice surprises for your Valentine’s Day. Love comes in many guises and getting noms is one of them! Thank you Dumpty and Gabion, and Squirt. And a very special ‘Thank You’, JW, you’re the Great Cat’s Star Angel.  

Till next time,

love Casey


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson