Denver on Mum's lapIt seems I'm not the only one who has been slimming down a bit around here. Our road surface has too!

Yep, no point rubbing your eyes and re-reading that last sentence. You may remember I had an 8- week gap booked between encounters with the Big White Weight Machine. A couple of weeks ago, Mum got home from work, read a letter that had been poked through the door, groaned, and phoned You Know Who to put back my appointment by a week. Puzzling!

Then, something even stranger happened - all the boxes on wheels outside houses in our road mysteriously disappeared, and Mum warned me to be careful if I went out the front. I didn't need that advice - some REALLY BIG boxes on wheels had appeared, workmen everywhere and they were skimming off the top of the road surface (hence our road surface slimming down). Unlike our diets though, it's weight loss didn't last, they were soon putting its weight back on with some really smelly black stuff and making it very smooth underpaw. Mum says that black stuff is called tarmac. 

I went to You Know Who today, and that tarmac stuff had certainly made a difference - our road is now as smooth as a freshly groomed coat, though some other roads haven't been done, and you can certainly tell the difference. Plenty of dogs in the waiting room today, 2 spaniels who nearly came too close for comfort - that is one reason the PTU* is so important (and why you should ALWAYS use it, even though you don't want to if you have to go to You Know Where). 

BRILLIANT NEWS!!! I have hit something called Target! I lost a bit more, and I am about 100g over my ideal weight, so the Nurse gave me a really special big cuddle (and I'm not ashamed to say I played up to her a bit, nice little nuzzle and rub on the hand, she really is very nice) and said to my Mum that they need not see me until January next year now (that's just to keep an eye on the weight now, not losing it now so much). The word "pouch" was mentioned too, so I'm hopeful that perhaps - just perhaps - I may get some wet food as a treat occasionally. 

So, you see - it CAN be done! Yes, your tummy may grumble a lot and you may have lots of trips to somewhere you don't really want to go to, but the results are really worth it. I just want to send all my encouragement and love to all my fellow dieters, both feline and human (especially Casey, one of our Head Cats, and Indy.)

We also want to thank you all for reading this diary, and for your support! I was really nervous about putting paw to keyboard, but I have enjoyed writing it, and I hope you all have all enjoyed reading it too. 

With love from Denver and Mum Helen. 

*PTU = Prisoner Transport Unit

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure