I think she is cute, even if she does look like Adolf Hitler with that little mustache.

As fat of a kitty as I am you could imagine that I take advantage of every potential holiday that I can to increase my waist line. Not on purpose, of course. But holidays always tend to make us break, even if it is just temporary, our fitness goals. I created a sensible holiday eating plan for Christmas (see previous posting) however, I don't think that it will work for a one-time holiday such as Valentine's Day. For some, perhaps this day is just like any other day. Unless you have a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend I presume that you don't have too much to worry about. Just stay away from the sweets and stick to your weight loss plan. However, if you do have a sweetie, then you are going to have to exercise (yes, I mean exercise) some control.

I don't have a girlfriend kitty, well, that's not entirely true. I kind of like the neighbor's cat Browser. She comes around from time to time and looks in my window. I think she is cute, even if she does look like Adolf Hitler with that little mustache. However, she is just my dream girl. I have not actually ever talked to her so I don't think that we will be exchanging any sweets this Valentine's Day. With that being said, I do have a hurdle in my weight loss plan and it comes in the form of two feet, the humans. Apparently they are not on a diet and like to tempt me by bringing home doughnuts. One of my biggest weakness is the Krispy Kreme doughnut. I love licking off the glaze, then sinking my fangs into the soft, melt in your mouth, goodness. When I'm not dreaming of Browser, I'm dreaming of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Most times, I can resist the temptations of sweets, that is after I have a lick or two. Problem is, for a cat, one lick of a glaze doughnut is probably the equivalent of a human eating a whole dozen of them!

IndigoMy advice to you love birds out there this Valentine's Day is this: Don't disappoint someone by refusing their gift of sweetness; just resist the act of devouring it in front of them. This way, if you want, when they are not around, you can give the sweetness away to say your friend or a neighbour. After all, you are on a diet remember?

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