IndyHello summer time! I love laying out in the sun during the summer. Problem is, since I'm so fat, I can sometimes get overheated quicker than the average cat. Let me restate that sentence. When I say average cat, I mean thinner cat or not obese like myself. You have to give me credit for realizing that I'm fat. With the temperatures outside rising, it is up to you, and your humans, to make sure that you stay cool and comfortable all summer long. 

Indy's 10 TIPS for keeping cool this summer.

Tip 1:  Ask your human to leave the air conditioning or fan on. This is especially important if the humans are going out for the day. Even a ceiling fan is better than nothing and will help to keep you cool and comfortable.

Tip 2:  Make sure that your human brushes and combs you daily. As the heat rises your coat will shed. By getting that extra fur off, you can be one cool cat. This also prevents matting and allows air to get to the skin. Warning to humans: Don't be tempted to shave your cat. We depend on our fur for protection from the sun. Because of our pale skin, we can get sunburn and it hurts!

Tip 3:  Be sure that your human provides plenty of fresh drinking water. Kitty drinking fountains are great because they allow the water to move so it won't become stagnant. I love fresh water!

Tip 4:  Have the humans leave the basement door open for you. Amazingly, basements are always the perfect temperature. Also, during summertime storms, basements provide good shelter for when we get scared. I always head for the basement when I hear the thunder roaring.

Tip 5:  Put ice cubes in our water bowl. I love cool drinking water! Warning to humans: Don't put ice cubes in all of our water bowls because some of us are afraid of ice cube or don't like our water cold.

IndyTip 6:  Give us a hammock to sleep in. A floating bed, or one on stilts, provides air flow all the way around, keeping us cool and happy.

Tip 7:  Have humans fill plastic cartons with water (half way) and stick in freezer. Once frozen, have them placed in various areas such as near where we like to sleep. It will keep our beds cool.

Tip 8:  Don't play during the heat of the day. You don't want to get over heated. Be careful during the hottest parts of the day (between 10 am and 4 pm). It is best to sleep during the hottest part of the day.  Wait until the sun starts to go down before you play.

Tip 9:  Warning to humans: Don't leave your cat in the car, not even for a second! It does not take long for a car to heat up especially in the summertime. 

Tip 10:  Warning to humans: Watch for signs of heat exhaustion or stroke. Signs to watch out for include: rapid panting, increased heart rate, trouble breathing, reddening gums, hot skin, increased agitation, vomiting, staggering, drooling or glazed eyes. If you notice these symptoms quickly wrap cat in a wet towel and get to the veterinarian immediately! Be sure to keep our head cool and wet because extreme heat could cause our brains to overheat.

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