Waiting for Santa PawsLast year I spend my first Christmas here at Tom Cat Towers. It was amazing!

My Bruv; Gabion Tzchugge had told me all about it as it was his second Christmas and he was sooooo excited at the thought of all the pressies and food which would arrive. He was right, it was an incredible time and our human had time away from the place called work to pamper and spoil us. The house was decorated with twinkly lights, we had a tree and Tom Cat Towers was warm and cosy, then late on Christmas Eve, Santa Paws arrived with presents for us. We had both sat on the hearth looking up the chimney, but we nodded off and missed him. The pressies we had were truly lovely.

Gabes came crashing onto the bed this morning, rather rudely waking me from my slumbers. His eyes were wide, his ears back with excitement. The green grass had turned white overnight and everywhere had turned cold. This, he grandly informed me, meant that Christmas was on its way. With that he bounded off the bed and took up position by the fireplace in case Santa Paws was out and about with presents for him because Gabes couldn’t quite remember when Christmas Eve was!

Gabes is rather flippant, and very, very greedy. Whilst I enjoyed every moment of Christmas last year, it became apparent that it was the season of caring and sharing. A concept which just whizzes straight over Gabion’s head. He just wants more toys, more treats and even more food.

Skitty GingeFor the last eight years there has been a ‘Garden Guest’ at Tom Cat Towers’ He comes twice a day and sits silently looking in through the patio windows. He is a stray. No one wants him, no-one loves him. He's feral but has traits of a faded officer and gentleman. My human feeds him. Once when she went on holiday nobody cared for him and he almost starved to death. He was just a bag of bones when she got home, and she felt sooo guilty. Now there are a series of neighbours who put food put food out for him when our human is away.

 She calls him Skitty Ginge. He looks like he was once a magnificent ring-tailed ginger tom. He is still intact, he sprays his ‘gratitude’ for being fed all over the bushes and tree in our garden.  I bet he has never been defleaed, vaccinated or groomed. These days he is shabby and old, the light in his eyes is dimmed and his whiskers droop. Whilst he comes to my human for food, he has never let her touch him. He runs away in fear. No-one knows where he sleeps at night, I just hope he has a warm, safe nest somewhere. It is very sad, and it makes me very sad too to think that he has never been picked up and cuddled. Never snuggled up to a human and purred because he felt very loved, and never been hand fed titbits and treats. .... or had a Christmas

So, Christmas may be the season of food, treats and pressies, but it is also the Season of Goodwill, caring and sharing.

I decided that I would give Skitty Ginge his own, special Christmas. I know that our human will put food out for him as usual. Then on Christmas day he will get turkey scraps in addition to his normal food. However, I wanted to give him something as a little treat.

Reggie with treatsI do like my little packets of treats. I can hear one being opened two rooms away. Treats mean quality time with my human as I drool all over her in anticipation of a little nibble on some tasty kibble. I lie on my back in her arms like a baby and guide them into my mouth with my paws. I thunk onto the bed at 6am to purr the day’s itinerary out and snaffle a few treats to whilst drooling shamelessly onto her chest.

When my human was out at the place called work, I looked in my own special cupboard where I have loads of packets of treats.  She’s been stockpiling them for when the snows come!

So, I thought that my gift to Skitty Ginge would be a little pile of my treats put out for him on Christmas Eve for him to enjoy.

I dragged a pack out and sat with it by the window when Skitty Ginge rolled up for his dish of food. I looked up at my human, then at Ginge, then at my pack of treats. She got the hint. On a little Wedgwood Angela dish, she emptied the pack and put it down outside for Skitty Ginge.

They were all wolfed down in about two Nano-seconds. I don’t think they touched the sides!!

Gabion was horrified that I had given away some of treats. In fact, he was speechless and just stood in shock watching as Skitty Ginge wolfed down another bowl full of our cat meat.  He had a couple more packs of treats to indulge in later on.  

Skitty Ginge with treatsKnowing that I had helped a fellow feline at the most magic time of the year when he was homeless, cold and hungry, gave me a nice warm feeling in my belly.

Maybe next year Skitty Ginge will have found a home all his own and a human who will love him as much as mine adores me and Gabes.

Happy Chrimbles


Tom Cat Towers



A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure