Dear Pauline and the Mewsers,

Reggie with lots of goodiesNot sure if you have any TDM member in the Stoke area but there is what Gabes and I think is an amazing thing. In and out of date pop and choc shops. There's one in Burslem and one in Longton and my human Exec P.A. is really excited about it!

Clue's in in the title, out of date but everyone knows the best before is just a guide and everything is checked.

The prices are ridiculously low, and with my Exec P.A.'s last ever pay check recently, followed by the no income no benefits life, this concept has been a budget saver for her .... and Gabion and I!! The Perfect Fit kibbles which cost £4.70 in the Co-op, are 99p, the Whiskers treats 25p, the pack of 4 Iams sachets are 40p and the Baker's Choice kibbles 49p.

Exec P.A. has stocked up with moggy-nosh, this is about half of it and we are over the moon! It's certainly helped with the end-of-work budgeting!

The have all sorts of stuff, and she's also bought bits and bobs for the 'human food' cupboards, as long as she uses it quickly it's OK but Sharwood’s jars of Chinese cooking sauces for 1p, can't be walked by!! The Mary Berry stuff at 3 for a £1 is a dream so this is now going to be her 'big shop' from now on, I think Waitrose and M&S are off limits now!

In and out of date pop and chocs are based in old Victorian buildings, no heating no frills, but this is the idea behind it ...

The staff in there are incredibly lovely. The even give Exec P.A. free treats like a box of Black Magic choccies, or super healthy grain bars which she adores! She said it is a joy to go in there and have a rummage round. They have some incredibly expensive artisan food on the shelves 3 for £1, so you have to take your wallet and take pot luck! They are growing and are looking into home delivery.

So if you have anyone in the area, or cat charities, rehomers etc who are struggling on a tight budget, this place could be an option as the cat kibbles are in by the pallet and cost 99p per bag (they have just run out of IAMs kibbles, she  just missed out on them!!) They also have dog food, treats etc.

They are also on Facebook. Each time they have a delivery they put picture on there and what the price they are selling it for which is brilliant, and Exec P.A. has a sneaky peaky each day. 

So, if you are able to get the word out, it may be of interest to members in the area.

The only downside is, Gabes and I are loving the stuff she's bought, we have started to pile the grams on

Mog snogs to you all

Reggie @ Tom Cat Towers   XX



One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)