Reggie and his P.A.My 24/7 Dreamies dispenser is up and running again. In fact, she’s working better than ever!

Redundancy means my Exec P.A. is here at Tom Cat Towers all the time. She no longer goes to the place called work! I now have full time staff at my beck and call!

Exec P.A. no longer bounds out of bed at 6.30am in a whirlwind of grabbing a yoghurt, a slurp of coffee then out. Now she’s still in bed at 7.30am with me lying on her chest gently purring as she gives me a few treats and indulges in one of her posh-coffees and a health bar.

I snooze the morning away in my padded leopard print donut (known as Rod Stewart’s padded pants) as she twinkles Tom Cat Towers. I have a new job title, ‘sous chef’. I supervise her in the kitchen as she finely chops fruit and vegs then mixes them with a dressing for lunch. Dinner is prepped as I sample any offcuts or slivers of what is being prepared for the evening meal. We are now into healthy eating, no more 'Table of Temptation' loaded with choccie and biccys, which was her weakness at work.

The afternoons are spent in the garden. Exec P.A. reads with a nice cup of tea whilst Gabes and I play being lions in the jungle where we have adventures in the garden as we chuffle through the catnip bushes and look at newts in the pond. Or she’s on the computer working on 'serious stuff' whilst I snooze on the arm of her chair trying to show interest in what is on the screen.

Gabes being frugalLate afternoons, we are in the bathroom. I sit on the laundry basket whilst some luxury bubble bath from the cruise ships and extravagant hotels she’s been in and collected are used up. Lots of little bottles of posh pongs, fragrance the air. I roll round on the floor and dry her toes when she gets out, then she tickles my tummy for me. We are quite a team!

About the time she would come home from the place called work, she is now attending to my dining requirements, making sure I’m enjoying some tasty titbits from the stash of stuff she bought when in siege mentality before this wonderful redundancy thing happened. There is a mountain of bags of kibbles to munch way through during the next year … or two! I caught a glimpse of the treat cupboard and it is rammed, I mean totally rammed, with Dreamies and Temptations, so Gabes and I need to start working our way through them too! Bring it on!!!

I’m just a bit perplexed that she has stuffed cupboards and drawers with goodies for Gabes and I, along with sherberts and treats for herself in anticipation of this redundancy thing as if it’s something really bad, but as far as I am concerned, redundancy is BRILLIANT. It means I have my Exec P.A. here all the time, so it’s not a bad thing at all I cannot think of anything negative to say about 'redundancy'!

Gabes and I have both recently been signed up to a famous modelling agency!  It's a very responsibly run operation who think we are 'awesome'! Our human did mutter something about it being our turn to bring the bacon home.

Gabes says he is looking forward to fame and fortune, like the posh cats he sees on TV advertising moggy munchies!! In fact, human P.A. did a mock-up of him when Gabes did bring some bacon home a couple of years ago. A cute picture of him with a pouch of cat food resulted in a massive, luxury Fortnum & Mason hamper, and a huge box of cat goodies for Gabes and I arriving at Tom Cat Towers!!  

Gabes not recognising himself on televisionPoor Gabes didn't recognise himself on the TV screen!

In fact, life at Tom Cat Towers is now fabulous. Redundancy is brilliant, however it has led to two more words which Gabion and I need to get our furry heads round: ‘Budgeting’ and ‘Frugality.’

I hope they are as good as Redundancy!


Reggie  xx



Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens