Reggie and chocolatesSt Valentine's day. The day which rattles round each year and is intended for you to show your favourite hooman that you really love them and you really love that they love you back, completely. If you just have human staff, then it's a day to show them that you appreciate all the care and service they give you.

Either way, it's a day you cannot let slip by without acknowledging that it is a day of love.

It's a day when you rattle out your pawket money and arrange a little treat for them. Chocolates are poisonous to cats, but humans do love them. Some humans have a medical condition which is recognised by the human version of vets as 'Chocohilicism' If you have a chocoholic as your human, you can never get it enough chocolate.Quantity over quality is their modus operandi!

Reggie with treatsPreviously I have ensured that when I buy posh choccys for my hooman and that version of catnip for humans which makes them go all giggly and silly, champers, I also made sure that I have added a couple of packets of Dreamies for myself to indulge in. After all St Valentine's is a day for love, and I am very loved so this little self-extravagance is overlooked by my hooman! After all it's your St Valentine's Day Too.

Humans love flowers too. Roses are the traditional flower of choice for St Valentine's Red roses are the ultimate flower of love. (Bit of a tip, do not allow your humans to have lilies in the house. They are toxic to cats) When your floral gesture has been ooooh and ahhhed over, then arranged carefully in a vase on a sideboard, note to self, rose petals are delish to nibble on, but do mind those thorns on the stalks, they can be a bit sharp. 

Reggie and rosesYou may have noticed your humans are spending more time at home these days, something to do with a thing called 'pandemic'. Some humans are not coping so well without the company of other humans at the places called 'work' So it's rather important to let your humans very aware that you are thinking of them, especially on this special day of love.

Here is the conundrum! Normally you have sufficient funds in your pawket money pot to splash out on a big bunch of flowers, but you may have noticed that the penny pot is not as bulging as normal due to something called a financial crisis.

Humans are now experiencing something unusual in their lives, known as a new normal. Part of this is supporting local businesses and buying local.

This year, my hooman has something called redundancy, I have noticed a bit of a shift in shopping habits. She is having a more chardonnay than a champagne lifestyle! All branded stuff that comes into the home is now splashed with the brand word 'Economy'. Well everything except my food and treats, clearly I am not expected my standards to slip on what is now a full blown economy drive.

So to acknowledge St Valentine's Day, it's important to make a gesture, no matter how small, to let your humans know that you are thinking of them on this day of love. It doesn't have to be a big expensive, gesture, and it probably shouldn't involve small rodents that you have caught as presents as that will look a little bit mean on such a day.

Reggie and a single red roseA single red rose, purchased locally, suitable arranged on the bed with you next to it, whiskers polished, eyes bright, purrs about to burst forth and a cheeking invitation from you for tummy tickles should do the trick. This will melt you human's heart! If you are really close to your human, toe-bean massages let them know that you love them so much that you are happy enough for them to have access to your soft pads, and if you splay your toes out fully when they rub your toe beans, then you can bet you bottom dollar that somewhere in the house will be a small present, or hopefully an assortment or pressies, with your name on just for you for St Valentine's day.

Reggie with cat treatsGo on, don't let the day pass without letting your human know how much you love them!


Reggie (The Romantic!)


A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras