Reggie peering out over the daffodilsI was enjoying the spring sunshine not long before Easter in the garden of Tom Cat Towers when something caught the corner of my eye. I peered out over the mini daffs. I could just about make out a large grey shape by the shed.  I thought it was a ghost!

My hooman had seen it too and slowly came out then went down the path towards it. The ghost very gracefully stood up, leapt onto the fence and delicately sashayed away. This happened several times during the day. So some food was put out for him which he later wolfed down, all the while he ate, he looked nervously round and would disappear over the fence if approached.

My hooman thought he may be new to the area, but that wouldn’t explain why he then rolled up on the lawn to eat the birds’ food and the lard in coconut shells. Clearly, he was hungry, perhaps lost, but he wasn’t going to let anyone near him to look at his collar. 

He was a massive cat, with the most gorgeous floofy trousers, so hooman called him Monsieur Pantaloons! 

Gabion and his teddyGabion, my bruv, who is a big cowardy custard, wouldn’t go out and took to watching him, with his stuffed Easter bunny for security at 3am when Monsieur Pantaloons rolled round to hoover up all the cat kibbles our hooman put out on the patio for him. 

Monsieur Pantaloons also had a liking for homemade lasagne with red wine which was put out for the fox!

After two weeks of Monsieur Pantaloons appearing like a ghost in the garden, hooman was now convinced he was lost so she knocked on doors nearby, people had seen him, but didn’t know where he lived. So she carried on putting food for him, just in case, and looking at lost cat sites on the internet to no avail. She managed to take a very poor picture of Monsieur Pantaloons sitting by the pond. 

Monsieur PantaloonsHe liked to look in through the patio as Gabes and I looked out at him. He looked so sad, so cold, despite his masses of fur which was now starting to look shabby, as if he wanted to come in and snuggle up in our moglus with us.

Then it was time for our holiday as we were bundled into baskets then taken to our favourite cattery for some top class pampering and care. Hooman was away abroad for three weeks, but so worried about Monsieur Pantaloons, she had other hoomans organised who would make sure there was food put out for him while we were away. She hated to think he would starve.

She took her iPad, first time ever! And one night on the ship in the middle of the ocean whilst idly trawling the internet she saw a lost cat post. It looked a bit like Monsieur Pantaloons, but she wasn’t sure, so she sent her hazy picture of him by Facebook and asked if this was the lost cat.

Monsieur Pantaloons with his lost noticeIt was!  So hooman said she was away, but if the owner went to look in certain streets near Tom Cat Towers, with a bit of luck …… 

Next morning, Mr Pantaloons, a lot tattier, a bit thinner than when he first arrived in our garden was sitting on a fence near a chip shop by Tom Cat Towers hoping for scraps while enjoying some sun on his whiskers, when his owner’s mom came round in her car and spotted him. 

He’s now back home just in time for Easter with his hooman having cuddles, love and a treats. They sent us a picture of him, so we knew that he was safely back home, and his real name is Mr Bear.

As for the food that’s on our lawn for him. The hedgehogs are now in for a feast! 


Monsieur Pantaloons















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