Dezi selfieDear Santa Paws,

MeOW Santa, Deztinee here. How’ve ya’ been? Me’s been a very good girlycat this year. Me’s only hissed at me’s sisfur Raena when she deserved it. And not every time even. Trust me; she deserved it a lot more than she got it. Anyways, as me was meowing, me’s been really good. Me’s so grateful to have such a pawsome loving forever home with the greatest mommy this side of heaven. And yes, me’s thankful for RaenaBelle too. In general, she’s a pretty good little sisfur.

So, you want to know what me would like for Christmas. As me has each year, me asks that you please bring loving forever homes to all the kitties waiting in shelters and rescues across the world. Me so wishes for them to know the feeling of being loved and wanted. There’s nothing else quite like it, and every kitty deserves to know it. And for all those that help homeless kitties to find their loving forevers, please bring them food and litter, towels and cleaning supplies, and new volunteers.

Could you spare some heated houses and water bowls for the feral and stray kitties? Their caretakers often have a heavy burden with no outside help. They need food, bowls, and green papers for V-E-T care and medicines, or V-E-Ts that will donate their services. Unfortunately, the latter’s hard to come by. If you have any connections, maybe you could put in a good word for them.

Anyways, we have the most amazing friends in the universe. Me couldn’t imagine our lives without them. Could you make sure they get whatever they need and ask for? Me knows their parents have to pay for the goodies you bring, but maybe you could find some really good sales? Me just wants our friends to be happy. Whatever you can do to make that happen would be great. 

Now, let’s meow a bit about that sisfur of mine. She really is a pretty good sisfur, she just has a lot of energy. Me thinks she needs one of feline exercise wheels. MOL (meow out loud) But, there’s no way mommy can afford one of those. Raena loves to play, but more than that, she loves spending time with mommy. So, maybe she’d like a new plush blanky for cuddle time. She doesn’t really ask for much, so maybe you check her letter and see what she asks for.

That brings me to mommy. Me would love it if you could give her the world. That’s what she gave me the day she saved me’s life. Me knows she has the weight of the world on her shoulders with human things that me can’t understand. Me tries hard to help her, but me knows there’s only so much a little kitty girly can do. Seems to me you probably understand human things, so perhaps you can actually take a few of those worries with you. Me’s sure mommy wouldn’t mind not getting anything if she lightens the load.

What is it that me wants? Me wants me’s family to be happy and together. Me wants a night when mommy doesn’t cry herself to sleep. Me wants…well, me really doesn’t need anything. Life from me’s seat on the cat tree is pretty good. Me just wants those around me to be happy. Before me forgets, thanks for the silvervine last year. That stuff is the bomb.

Purrfully Yours,

Deztinee Izabella the Service Cat    

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson