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Barbara Bates In 2007, two sisters in England, Ruth Ockendon Laycock and Barbara Bates, founded this group when they discovered that the declawing of cats was happening in the USA almost routinely.  UK vets have never declawed cats even when it was legal here, but since the 1950s thousands, if not millions of US cats, have gone through this painful major surgery which disables them for life. 

American cat owners are offered this procedure by many vets when a kitten is booked in for neutering.  Those vets don't explain that it isn't simply the claws they remove (bad enough) but it's the amputation of the cat’s ten last toe joints on their front paws.  They justify this surgery by saying it keeps cats in their homes.  It does not! 

Many declawed cats develop problems from the declawing; the main two being litter box avoidance, because the cat never forgets the pain of digging in the litter when newly declawed and also biting. This is because the cat’s first defence, scratching in self-defence, has been taken away. 

Many declawed cats end up relinquished to rescue shelters or abandoned outside defenceless, because the people who will not tolerate a cat with claws will certainly not tolerate a cat biting or messing on the carpet or soft furnishings.  There are many more possible physical and/or mental problems that can arise from this surgery.

The group aims to educate Americans as to the truth about declawing, that it is cruel and that all it does is make money for the vets who do it.

The AVMA (The American Veterinary Medical Association) policy is that declawing should be only as a last resort and the client should be told it is actually ten amputations, but they don't enforce this, so vets who declaw just ignore it.

Some vets have stopped now but there are still many advertising neuter/declaw packages or declawing with discount and they won't give up while it's still legal.

This group has members worldwide and cat lovers who hate declawing are always welcome to join and help to get this abuse of cats stopped by spreading the truth about this until it is made illegal.  If you would like to join this group, click on the link at the top of the page and add your voice to the others who are standing up for the welfare and well-being of cats.  

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