Gabes looking at Chav Cat's big belly!

What is going on here? What is Gabion saying to Chav Cat?

Please send your captions - no more than five - to 

Helen Bilowus, US

“It's OK, you just rest. I'll do the begging tonite.”

“Poor tired you. Good job catching all those mice today.”

“I don't see any babies yet.”

Earla Holland, Pasadena, Texas, US

"Why yes, you do have a bit of a spare tyre, but on you it looks good."

Becky Slater, Oklahoma, US

“No that's not a flea on you, you just had too much catnip!”

Sandy Ash, US

"And this is my scar from when I got my appendix out."

"It hurts right there, Doc."

"I think I caught that flea I saw earlier, now what do I do?"

Lady Cat, Boulder, Colorado, US

“Did you forget the pecking order around here?”

“Did I not tell you that was the dog’s food?”

“Was that a hairball on my bed or were you just happy to see me?”

“Stop sloughing – the dog will never fear you like that!”

“Ok – I accept your humble apology.”

Rose Varga, Massachusetts, US

“I did 100 sit ups today .... oh… I so hurt everywhere.”

“Lose how much for the Miss Meow contest?”  Winning entry!!!

“Of course, I am beautiful...!”

Congratulations to Rose Varga for the winning caption!

Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens

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