If your cat were granted three wishes, what would it ask for? Some of the Daily Mews’ subscribers posed this question in between naps of their own cats and there were some surprising answers.

Taking the Mewsers first here’s what Billy, Sam and Ollie had to offer:

Ollie_and_Billie Billy’s reaction:

1. World Peace

2. All cats (and other animals) to have a GOOD, loving home

3. A nice warm lap to go to sleep on when I feel like it

samSam said:

1. Plenty of tuna

2. lots of catnip mice to place with

3. and to have morning cuddles which last all day with Mummy



Ollie said:

1. A never-ending supply of fresh mice to ‘play’ with (smirked at this comment)

2. A big bucket of good strong ‘top notch’ catnip and finally,

3. Mummy to lie on the sofa all day so that I can snuggle up to her.


Jamaka said her clowder of 9 cats in the Mojave Desert would wish the following:

1. A loving, forever home for each and every feline, of each species, appropriate to species, of course

2. An end to cruelty in all its forms, wherever it exists

3. Enough for each of us! Most importantly, enough to stop the foreclosure, unemployment, and financial crises and bring families back together with their beloved cats from which they may have been forced to separate. 


Jim Willis in Desert Hot Springs, California said: Any of my four cats would probably wish:

1. That the other three cats would go away

2. That the three dogs and one wolf-dog would go away

3. That the aforementioned seven would preferably ride off into the sunset on The Daddy's horse!


Mike Kolonel from Canada said his three cats would like the following:

Cory wishes that:

1. All beds are his own

2. All bowls are continuously full

3. His mommy will always wash his bum

Shana wishes:

1. For love and attention

2. That Bandit will behave (Peace & Quiet) 

3. For Tuna!

Bandit wishes for:

1. Independence with benefits (he has good staff) 

2. His mommy to pick him up and hold him

3. Ways to make mischief


wussWuss, who lives in Greece and is almost 14 years of age, said she’d like the following:

1.  Permanent supply of tuna in brine in my food dish (I go mad for it)

2.  Warm fire/heater in which to sleep in front of

3.  Less suffering for Greek cats whether it be starving ferals or ill-treated cats generally, to include sterilisation to control cat population


AshAvAriAshAvAri Ashanti of Atlantis who is a Black Smoke Persian, 3 years of age and a Libran – which means ‘well-balanced’, said: 

Please be sure to let my human know:

1. ONLY get me all natural foods so I may live a long and healthy life!

2. Always trim my nails and provide Scratching Posts so that I can trim my own on a regular basis!

3. Take Me for an annual check up so if anything IS wrong, we can fix it!


Lizzie, a 14 year old feisty feline who’s Upright People live in Florida, said that her three wishes would be:

  1. more tuna
  2. more sunshine
  3. and more play time with the one who wears the Trousers!

Garfield Beaton, who lives in Scotland, has written to give me his three wishes:

1.  A never ending box of cat sweeties
2.  His own already-warmed human sized bed
3.  A box of quorn ham (for some reason he loves it and there's never any left for Dana, his human!)

BK, Ginger and Pepper who live in Ohio wrote with the following thoughts for their three wishes:

BK, the Black Kitten who is now a huge cat:

1.  I wish I could eat all day and not gain any weight

2.  I wish all rescued kitties could be rescued by my owner 

3.  I wish I could sleep on the bed all day without being crowded by the other cats

The Ginger Man - Ginger for short

1.  I wish I could ride on my masters shoulder all day

2.  I wish I had a continuous supply of deli ham

3.  I wish every time I looked out the window there were squirrels and birds to watch

Pepper (with a personality to match her name)

1.  I wish I could get my master to sleep all day with his arm curled around me

2.  I wish I had continuously fresh canned food to eat

3. I wish the other cats (especially Ginger) would stop trying to play with me (I'm too old for that s**t) 


My thanks to all the cats who participated in this venture.



One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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